ORA R2 Is Another Mini EV From Great Wall Motor, Range Will Reach 223miles

ORA R2 Concept Car

ORA R2 is another EV built on GWM (Great Wall Motor)’s ME platform after the ORA R1, ORA R2 is based on the ORA R2 concept car that debuted in 2018, ORA R2 production version is basically the same as the concept car, it is very round and cute, the different with the ORA R2 concept car is that the headlights are not bar-style both front and rear end.

These are the pictures declared by MIIT CHINA, it will be the production version of ORA R2:

ORA R2 has a length, width and height of 3,625/1660/1530mm and wheelbase of 2,490 mm, length is longer than R1 while the others almost remain the same, since wheelbase remain the same, it is still another mini car after ORA R1. The different between R2 and R1 is that ORA R2 uses amny many rounded rectangle elements, while the R1 uses round elements. Anyway both of them tend to younger or female consumers.

ORA R2 did not follow the design of suicide door showed on the concept car, neither the slim exterior mirror and the fully bar-style led taillight group on the production model.

These are the concept car debuted on 2018 Beijing Auto Show:

According to the declaration info from MIIT CHINA, ORA R2 has Curb eight of 1010kg, and the maximum power of the drive motor is 35kw (47hp) which is the same as the one on ORA R1. It is equipped with a ternary lithium battery from CATL, with battery capacity of 33kwh range will reach 223miles (360km). The new car is expected to be launched in the second half of this year.