Spy Photos of GWM’s EV Brand ORA R2


We got a set of spy photos of the ORA R2 production version, the interior design is also unveiled for the first time. ORA is an EV brand launched by Great Wall Motors. The production model follows the appearance design of the original ORA R2 concept car, continues the cute and round design style of ORA R1. According to the previously disclosed information from CHINA MIIT, the new car is powered by a drive motor with maximum power 35kW (47hp) and a ternary lithium-ion power battery pack provided by CATL. It is a pure electric vehicle based on ORA ME platform after the ORA R1. It is expected to be officially listed within the year.

In terms of appearance, the length, width and height of the new car are 3625/1660/1530mm and the wheelbase is 2490mm. The length and wheelbase are slightly larger than ORA R1. The rear end design echoes the front end and uses a number of rounded corners. The production model and concept car are similar, they all adopt a sleek design style.

The headlights do not use the cool bar-style light om the concept car, instead of the traditional headlight. The taillights of the spy photos are at the very bottom, and there is no other design at the rear. The body has not been completely painted, the internal components of the lights should be changed from the final version.

Through the spy photos, we first observed the interior design of the ORA R2, the steering wheel still uses the same shape as ORA R1. The overall style is round and the function buttons are on the left and right sides. The most conspicuous interior design is that the instrument panel is integrated with the central control screen. the physical control area does not see any physical buttons, the new style also jumps out of the family traditional design, but the knob electronic gear lever area still continues the shape of ORA R1.

In terms of power, the car is powered by a 35kW (47ps) drive motor and a ternary lithium-ion battery pack from CATL. The declaration information does not disclose the battery capacity and cruising range, but according to the cruising range of ORA R1 (281miles/351km), the cruising range of ORA R2 should not be less than 217miles/350km. It is reported that the new car is expected to be officially listed within the year.