NIO and Xpeng delivered more than 10,000 units in September 2021 while Lixiang’s delivery volume fell to 7,000 due to chip shortage


Back on October 1, leading electric vehicle manufacturers NIO, Xpeng Motors, and Lixiang Auto announced the number of units that were sold during September 2021. Among them, NIO returned to the throne of the number one in delivery volume with a delivery volume of 10,628 units. At the same time, Xpeng Motors ranked second with a delivery volume of 10,412 vehicles. However, Ideal Auto has ranked third with 7094 vehicles. The brand was the number in terms of delivery during July and August 2021.

Among the three new power car companies in “Wei Xiaoli,” both NIO and Xpeng Motors exceeded the 10,000 vehicle mark for the first time. The industry generally believes that the monthly delivery data of 10,000 plus vehicles is an essential node for new car building forces. Unfortunately, Lixiang Auto has not been able to cross this threshold together with NIO and Xpeng for the time being.

In terms of the delivery volume in the third quarter, the delivery volume of the three “Wei Xiaoli” car companies is minimal. And the cumulative delivery volume of Xpeng Motors is the highest. Xpeng Motors delivered around 25666 vehicles, Lixiang Auto delivered 25116 vehicles, and NIO delivered 24439 taels. When it comes to the third quarter, Lixiang Auto has secured the second position because of its large sales volume during July and August.

Judging from the cumulative delivery volume in the first three quarters of 2021, NIO still leads “Wei Xiaoli” with a more significant advantage. Among them, NIO has delivered a total of 66,395 vehicles. At the same time, Xpeng Motors has delivered 56,404 vehicles, and Lixiang Auto has delivered a total of 55,270 vehicles.

About NIO’s performance in September

NIO said in early September that “the new orders in August reached a record high. If the supply chain problems do not worsen, it is expected that the delivery volume in September can set another monthly delivery record.” Based on the current delivery data, it can be seen that the supply chain problems of NIO have been alleviated to a certain extent.

However, the relevant person in charge of NIO said today that the impact of the Malaysian epidemic on NIO has not been completely lifted. “Our supply chain team is actively working with suppliers to solve the problem.” According to its disclosure, NIO’s September orders still maintained strong momentum. If the supply chain problem does not worsen, NIO Automobile’s delivery volume in the fourth quarter will achieve positive growth.

About Xpeng Motors performance in September

Xpeng said that the launch of its third model, i.e., the Xpeng P5, which was officially launched on September 15, helped the brand to achieve a higher number of sales. Within 24 hours of the launch, the orders exceeded 6,000 units. With the gradual start of the delivery of Xpeng P5, it is believed that it will drive the delivery of Xpeng Motors to increase further. In August, Xpeng said that they are expecting a massive number of sales once they launch the P5.

About Lixiang Auto’s performance in September

However, Lixiang Auto’s September deliveries are subject to chip supply and compared with 9,433 units in August, and there was a 25% drop from the previous month. Shen Yanan, the co-founder, and president of Lixiang Auto said that they are taking more measures to ensure the supply of parts and components, hoping to shorten the waiting period for users to pick up the car as much as possible.