NIO Capital Closes Second RMB Fund at Over 3 Billion Yuan


February 5, 2024NIO Capital has successfully closed its second RMB fund, raising over 3 billion yuan in total.

The newly raised second fund will continue to focus on investment in the new energy vehicle industry ecosystem, energy technology and energy transition, and intelligent manufacturing. The LPs of NIO Capital’s second RMB fund include local government guidance funds, national funds, family offices and listed companies with extensive investments in the new energy vehicle and parts sector.

NIO Capital has always adhered to the mission of “investing in innovation and enabling human progress”. It continues to focus on technological and model innovation in decarbonization and digitalization, and invests in the fields of intelligent transportation, new energy and intelligent manufacturing in a sustainable way. It works hand in hand with enterprises in various fields to promote the low-carbon transformation and sustainable development of the industry.

Since its establishment in 2016, NIO Capital has raised a total of five funds, including three US dollar funds and two RMB funds, with a total management scale of 15 billion yuan. As of now, 5 out of the 20 invested companies in the first RMB fund have been listed or are about to be listed.

Its investment projects include CATL, RonbayTechnology, United Winners Laser, Tuhu Car Care, Momenta, Inceptio Technology,, Seyond Technology, Black Sesame Technologies, CIX Technology, etc.