NIO and SMEC Hold SiC Module C Sample Offline Ceremony


SMEC (Semiconductor Manufacturing Electronics (Shaoxing) Corporation) & NIO Integrated Partners Conference and NIO Self-developed SiC Module C Offline Ceremony” was held on March 29 at SMEC Integrated’s Shaoxing headquarters. NIO Senior Vice President Zeng Shuxiang and SMEC Integrated General Manager Zhao Qi jointly attended and launched the SiC module C offline unveiling ceremony.

NIO Senior Vice President Zeng Shuxiang said at the event: The SiC project between the two parties has gone through challenges from the beginning to the present, and the product is about to enter the mass production stage.

Chinapev found out that SiC (silicon carbide) is one of the main representatives of the third-generation semiconductor. Compared with silicon, it has higher switching frequency, wider bandgap, higher breakdown field, and higher thermal conductivity. It performs well in high temperature, high pressure and high frequency fields, and can significantly improve the performance and energy efficiency of power transistors. Power electronic devices based on silicon carbide have been widely used in aerospace, new energy vehicles, rail transit, photovoltaic power generation, smart grids and other fields.

In addition, in December 2023, SMEC Integrated and NIO Automobile signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement for SiC chips and module products. According to the agreement signed by the two parties, SMEC Integrated will become a supplier of SiC chips and modules for NIO Automobile. In January of this year, the two parties signed a production and supply agreement for SiC module products. SMEC Integrated has become the production supplier of NIO’s first self-developed 1200V SiC module.