NIO’s Sub-brand ONVO Registers Official Weibo Account, to be Released in Mid-May


On April 7, we found from Chinese social platforms that ONVO auto has completed Weibo registration, but it is still in zero update state. According to previous information, the pilot car of ONVO’s first model has been offline in October 2023, and it is planned to be released in mid-May 2024, listed in the third quarter, and delivered in the fourth quarter. At the same time, according to Li Bin, the founder, chairman and CEO of NIO, “ONVO” will adopt the BaaS model, and its price will be lower than NIO. Its brand ONVO means “happy family and good family management”. It is worth mentioning that the brand will focus on the mainstream family segment market.

Let’s briefly review the model. The new car will adopt a new design language. The front face adopts a split headlight with the air intake opening below, and the overall design is more tough. In terms of roof details, the new car is still equipped with NIO’s iconic two top cameras. On the side of the body, the new car adopts a shape similar to that of a sedan SUV, and with the dense spoke wheel shape, it has a strong sense of movement. At the same time, the rear of the new car is very sexy. The upturned duck tail design shows the performance style, and the taillight shape does not adopt the popular bar-type shape, but a slightly narrow design.

Not long ago, Li Bin live broadcasted the test drive of the first model of NIO’s second brand “Ledo”. According to the video, his 180cm height still has about 2 punches of leg space in the rear row. It is worth mentioning that the new brand will adopt an independent sales network, and the after-sales part will involve some of NIO’s existing after-sales system. At the same time, the brand will focus on the family market. The first model will compete with Tesla Model Y. One of its advantages is that it can be replaced (the fourth-generation battery replacement station will be compatible with two brands and will start layout in April this year). The official also revealed that the cost of the car is about 10% lower than that of Tesla Model Y. According to previous information, the official has planned two versions of about 60kWh and 90kWh for this car. The new battery pack size will be compatible with the current third-generation battery replacement station, but the thickness will be thinner, making more space for the vehicle cockpit. In addition, DOM will use the new generation of motors independently developed and produced by NIO to optimize the size and cost. According to previous reports, in addition, all models will be developed based on NIO’s third-generation technology platform NT3.0.


The registration of ONVO Automobile’s official Weibo account indicates that the car is about to be released. The car is positioned as a mainstream family car and will compete with Tesla Model Y. The car will adopt the BaaS model and its price will be lower than NIO.