NIO’s NOP+ City High-Level Intelligent Driving Function to Be Fully Delivered


On April 20, at NIO‘s “Full-Domain Full-Scale” Intelligent Driving Launch Event, Li Bin announced that the city function of its full-domain navigation assisted driving system, NOP+, will be fully delivered to users of NT2 platform models nationwide on April 30. Li Bin also said, “NIO’s battery swap is the best in the world, and NIO’s charging (layout) is also the most diligent in China!”

Li Bin said that NIO NOP+ is undoubtedly the first echelon of intelligent driving in China. This statement is based on two “national bests”: NIO’s fleet of 228,935 vehicles is the largest urban intelligent driving user base in China; and NIO has the widest verification and usability range, with NOP+ city functions covering 726 cities, 360,755 kilometers of highways, and 847,221 kilometers of urban roads.

Li Bin said that NIO will continue to adopt a subscription model for its full-domain navigation assisted driving (NOP+), and promised to give car owners 1-2 years of free access. “So-called ‘free buyout’ is actually included in the car price. I think the subscription model for full-domain navigation is the best way. For now, urban and highway navigation are temporarily subscribed together and will not be separated.”

By 2025, NIO’s goal is to achieve 80% usage time for intelligent driving and 10 times the safety of intelligent driving over human driving. Currently, the safety level of NIO’s 2.4.0 version is 6.26 times that of human drivers. At present, the average daily per capita use of NOP+ is 36 minutes, and this data will inevitably continue to grow after the full-scale launch of urban NOP+.

Peel to peel intelligent driving assist

NIO’s Vice President of Intelligent Driving R&D, Ren Shaoqing, said that NIO has upgraded the recognition accuracy of the OCC network, and the occupancy network of laser radar and visual front fusion can achieve an occupancy grid accuracy of 20cm at 10m-300m and 5cm at 10m. Through group intelligence, each version of NIO has 10 million kilometers of real verification mileage.

Independent battery swapping after leaving the vehicle

In other aspects, NIO has also developed the world’s first full-domain navigation assisted three-point U-turn scene, which allows vehicles to immediately U-turn when encountering situations such as a closed road ahead. It is reported that NIO will continue to develop point-to-point intelligent driving technology with the goal of enabling it to be turned on anywhere, including parking lots and battery swap stations.

In addition, NIO also announced that it will soon launch its off-vehicle autonomous battery swap function and conduct a scene demonstration. When the vehicle arrives at the entrance of the battery swap station, people can get out of the car to go to the toilet or buy drinks, and the car can queue up and swap batteries on its own. The battery swap parking is no longer dependent on markings, and the vehicle can enter the battery swap station by parking at will. After the battery swap, the vehicle will park in the parking lot and wait for the owner.