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We are a China based vehicle news platform who keep publishing fresh news, about Chinese vehicle brand and China auto industry as well as reviews about Chinese cars in all the time, Chinese vehicle brands are raising up worldwide, we would like to invite people to share your local news, stories or vehicle reviews, experiences on our platform, let more people know about Chinese car or brands.


  1. In exchange for the valuable content you will be providing to our readers, you will receive excellent brand exposure, establish yourself as an industry leader, and open yourself up to numerous opportunities to increase your bottom line;
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  3. Have fun! It’s very fulfilling to be part of a group of contributors who share their experiences with one another. You will find a home at, where you can network with others, expand your own knowledge of the industry, and enjoy yourself as you do so.

What content you may share?

  1. We would love you to share all Chinese car news, stories, reviews or anything else you would like to share, you may report your local activities related to Chinese vehicles;
  2. We accept contents in articles (not let than 200 words with 1 photo at least), videos, photos (with words);
  3. You may be individual who like Chinese vehicles or bought Chinese vehicles, we also invite Chinese car dealers/agents/distributors worldwide to share your local vehicle news, reviews related to your brand;
  4. We currently accept language in English, Portugal, Spanish (kindly talk to us if you do have any other requirement);
  5. You may share your business link in natural way in content;
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