GWM ORA “White Cat” Goes on Chinese Market


On July 15, ORA “White Cat”, the third EV of Great Wall Motor’s new energy brand, was officially launched. The new car is offered in two range versions under NEDC standard, 360km, and 401km, and a total of 4 variants with official guide price 75,800 -88,800 yuan (~US$10,846 – US$12,707).

Even if the manufacturer does not announce the name of the car, everyone will feel that this car is really like a “cat” at first glance. ORA White Cat was designed by the Great Wall Motor Japan Technical Research Co., Ltd. Yokohama styling room. The overall body is a rounded styling design, with narrow upper and lower lines, so that the new car shows a very soft and cute visual effect. The new car adopts a closed front grille design and adds a honeycomb-like element in the front center for decoration. With the horizontal headlight groups on both sides, the visual effect is outstanding.

Visible on the side of the body is the design of short front suspension and short rear suspension, plus a straight roof to maximize the interior space. The body size of ORA White Cat is 3625×1660×1530mm, and the wheelbase is 2490mm, which is quite small.

For the rear, the new car puts the tail light group and the high-level brake light together in the blacktail window. With the ORA logo and the oval-shaped license plate area below, the overall look is very simple and recognizable.

In terms of interior, the new car adopts a contrasting design of dark and light colors, and bright colors are added to the air outlet of the air conditioner to add a sense of fashion. Among them, the integrated large screen (composed of a full LCD instrument and a central control display) is the biggest bright spot. The continuous screen size reaches 23 inches, which is rare at the same level and brings a strong sense of technology. The new car is equipped with a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, as well as richer function buttons, making it easier for the owner to operate various functions, and there is basically no physical key on the center console.

In terms of power and range, the battery capacity of the new car is available in two versions, 34 kWh and 38 kWh. The NEDC cruising range corresponds to 360 km and 401 km, respectively. The 360km model is equipped with a motor with a maximum power of 35 kW (48 hp) and a maximum torque of 125 Nm. The 401km model is equipped with a motor with a maximum power of 45 kW (61 hp) and a maximum torque of 130 Nm.

On the battery side, it is equipped with a ternary lithium battery pack from CATL. It is reported that the honeycomb power battery will be used later. In terms of charging time, it takes about 10 hours to charge the 3.3kw charging gun for slow charging, 5.5 hours for the 6.6kW charging gun, and 40 minutes for fast charging 30%-80%.

ORA White Cat Background

ORA White Cat comes from the ORA ME pure electric vehicle platform, with a short body length and long wheelbase, as well as the design concept of four wheels and four corners, which can bring more interior space. In terms of appearance, it was designed by the Great Wall Japan Technology Research Corporation Yokohama modeling room, inspired by cats. In terms of naming, it also adopts the GWM’s new strategy. Like Haval “BIG DOG”, it is named after animals, and it has received good attention before being listed.

ORA R2 Concept Car debuted on 2018 Beijing Auto Show

Previously, a concept car had been released at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show. At that time, it was named the ORA R2 concept car. From the mass production version, it still inherited the concept car’s charm. At that time, the ORA brand released the ORA R1 and R2 concept cars at the same time. Now ORA R1 has been launched, and the R2 is named ORA white cat.