GWM ORA ES11 Leaks, or debut on Chengdu Auto Show


Recently, we obtained the design manuscript of the brand’s new electric SUV from GWM ORA. The internal code is “ES11”. The body uses a large number of arc curves to create a nostalgic and retro design concept. It is reported that the new car will make its debut at the Chengdu Auto Show which opens on July 24.

From the hand-painted design draft, we can see that this new car inherits the retro style of ORA R1, a lot of arc lines, and the closed front face highlights the identity of the new energy attribute. The lower air intake grille may be adjusted in a real car. The headlight part also adopts an “oval” shape, which is full of nostalgia.

The new car on the side of the body adopts the design of long axle and short suspension, plus large-size wheels, creating a cross-border shape with great visual impact. In addition, the design manuscript shows the fastback shape, floating roof, and upturned details such as the large rear wing are expected to be retained to the greatest extent in production cars. The designer of ORA “ES11” and the current design director of Great Wall Motors Sales Company Emmon Delta, had been worked for Porsche for 5 years and has extensive experience in automobile design. It is understood that ORA “ES11” is expected to make its global debut, showing its true appearance at the Chengdu Auto Show that opened on July 24.