Super Hardcore! M HUNTER from Dongfeng MHERO Officially Released


M HUNTER, the latest off-road product from Dongfeng MHERO (Chinese “猛士” or spelling “Mengshi”), will be officially released on April 20th. The new car is a hardcore performance private collection tailored for top global extreme off-road players. The M HUNTER benchmarks the Brabus 900 Crawler, featuring extremely high wheel torque and exceptional vertical obstacle clearance, creating ultimate hardcore off-road capability. The car will be unveiled to the public at the Beijing Auto Show.

Let’s take a look at this hardcore off-road toy.

Exterior Design

Every part of the M-HUNTER exudes a strong hardcore off-road style. The front face adopts a smaller grille design, and the four large-foot design gives it a powerful look.

Carbon fiber materials are extensively used throughout the car, greatly reducing the body weight. The headlight assembly adopts X-style LED daytime running lights, and the illuminated MHERO badge is embedded in the front grille, creating a very cool design. In addition, the front bumper adopts a steel guardrail design and is equipped with two red tow hooks and a centrally mounted electric winch, giving it a rugged look and full off-road attributes.

Side Design

When viewed from the side, the M-HUNTER adopts a tubular body structure and abandons traditional doors in favor of a simple guardrail design, giving it a very wild look. The wheels are closed-type low-drag design and are equipped with professional off-road tires, providing a better off-road experience.

As an off-road-oriented vehicle, this car is not lacking in any off-road configuration, including roof searchlights, off-road tires at the rear, and various off-road equipment. Not only does it look wilder, but it also has guaranteed practicality.

Rear Design

The rear part adopts a narrow design, and some of the designs echo the front of the car, also using an illuminated MHERO LOGO, red tow hooks, and a silver rear bumper. In addition, the new car also has two spare off-road tires in the rear cargo space.

Interior Design

The new car adopts fully enclosed bucket-style sports seats with better waist and shoulder support. There are also many hollowed-out designs in the car, further reducing the body weight and improving its overall performance.

Power System

The new car is expected to be equipped with a three-motor system and will have extremely high wheel output data (specific data has not yet been released). Combined with the high-chassis suspension setting, it also has a very good vertical obstacle clearance. It is understood that the M-HUNTER can be mass-produced and sold, and its price will reach tens of millions, which may be the most expensive Chinese new energy off-road vehicle at this Beijing Auto Show.

Overall, the M-HUNTER is a hardcore off-road vehicle with extreme performance. It is equipped with a powerful power system, a strong body structure, and a variety of off-road configurations, making it a great choice for off-road enthusiasts.

About Dongfeng Mengshi (MHERO)

Dongfeng Mengshi was originally a line of military off-road vehicles developed by Dongfeng Motor in 2002. It entered service in 2006 and was officially listed as a new-gen of high-mobility military off-road vehicles for the Chinese army in 2007. With 100% independent intellectual property rights and nearly 100% domestically produced parts, it has long been a representative product in the field of domestic military vehicles.

Early civilian versions of the Dongfeng Mengshi were considered as Chinese “Hummer” and were mainly sold to coal mines, telecommunications, forestry, geological exploration and other units that required high-performance off-road vehicles. Ordinary civilian consumers needed to customize them from Dongfeng Motor Corporation.

M-HERO 917

In 2022, Dongfeng officially launched MHERO as a luxury electric off-road brand. The first model, the M-HERO 917, inherits the genes of the Dongfeng Mengshi military vehicle. In the more than 6 million kilometers of durability tests, 1 million kilometers were tested according to military off-road vehicle standards. Now, MHERO has launched the larger and more powerful MHERO M800 model, which is claimed to be the Chinese version of the George Patton.

In February 2024, Dongfeng MHERO reached a strategic cooperation with Huawei to achieve complementary advantages and mutual empowerment between the new energy luxury off-road brand and the intelligent technology pioneer brand.