China’s Odyssey? Changan Oshan(Oushang) COSMOS is Ready in China Market


In Changan Auto brand structure, the second model of Oshan(Oushang) brand has been focused on the MPV market, that is the Oshan COSMOS (It says “科尚” Keshang in China market), it is powered by a 1.5T engine and features 7-seat layout. The second row can be completely folded flat and adopts the dual sliding door that is rare featured in the same segment. Oshan COSMOS is positioned higher than Oshan A600 and Oshan A800, the price of Oshan COSMOS starts at 99,800 end at 142,800 yuan (~US14,433 – US$20,651) in China market.

In terms of appearance, the front face of the new car adopts large-area dot matrix grille design, which is quite similar to Oshan COS1° star-shaped grille design, it has a certain family design recognition, Oshan’s the new badge is also embed on.

Front and rear doors of Oshan COSMOS are equipped with keyless entry function

Oshan COSMOS features the current popular floating roof. The B, C, D pillar are blackened, and the floating roof makes the visual center of gravity lower. It is worth mentioning that some models are equipped with double-sided electric sliding door configurations that are rarely seen on the market, which further enhances the sense of grade.

The rear end of Oshan COSMOS is simple in shape and uses bar-style taillights. In terms of body size, it measures at 4,840/1860/1890 mm and wheelbase of 2820 mm, curb weight is 1650kg, the overall body size and curb weight is much similar to the Honda Odyssey.

The interior of Oshan COSMOS adopts the family design concept, the whole interior is covered with large number of microfiber leather materials, the center console and the door are equipped with diamond-shaped leather stitching. The highlight is the 10-inch central control display, the screen is ibuilt with the incall4.0 intelligent in-vehicle interconnection system based on APP, which has strong playability.

The height of 2nd row floor is 470mm, the sliding door opening is 700mm. COSMOS’s back door adopts Aisin electric two-way electric sliding door, it can also open the door in advance with the Bluetooth car key.
COSMOS is equipped with a 1.14m2 panoramic sunroof, the skylight has a length and width of 1140/700mm, of which the opening size is 460mm.

In terms of configuration, it is equipped with a highly practical configuration such as panoramic sunroof, electric sliding door, high-tech 3.0 car map, car WIFI and wireless charging.

The most important thing in the MPV interior is the rear seats. COSMOS features 2+2+3 seat layout, in which the main driver’s seat supports 6-way electric adjustment, and has lumbar support and seat heating function;

The second row of the new car features two independent leather seats, the large panoramic sunroof is comfortable. In addition, COSMOS is equipped with a double-sided electric sliding door, which is more convenient for improving the quality.

Anyway, the third row seats does not support fold down or flat-folding, which is not ideal in terms of convenience and space utilization of cargo space.

In terms of active safety, the new car is equipped with SC body stability control, TCS traction control, HBA brake assist, EPS electronic assist system, ABS anti-lock brake system + EBD electronic brake force distribution system.

In terms of power, Oshan COSMOS is powered by Changan Auto’s brand-new Blue Whale 1.5TGDI all-aluminum engine with maximum power of 131kW (175hp) and peak torque of 265N·m. The transmission system is equipped with 6-speed manual and 7-speed dual-clutch transmission box.

About Oshan Brand

Oshan used to be a minibus brand of Changan Automobile (minibus is so-called van, which is a small passenger and cargo car, generally it has 6~8 seats.), minivan once played a important role in China low end auto market. position of Oshan brand is in low end, as the Chinese auto market continues to change, Changan has announced its withdrawal from the traditional fuel van market. Instead, Changan calls it a multi-function MPV, Oshan A600 is right one. In addition, Oshan is gradually switching to its new brand logo, the same time Oshan launches some SUV models, the brand image gradually detached from the original low-end van.