Huawei’s New EV: AITO WENJIE M5 EV Launched with Price at 288,600-319,800 yuan


On September 6, the first pure electric SUV under the AITO brand, Wenjie M5 EV, was officially launched. The new car launched a total of 2 models, priced at 288,600-319,800 yuan.

Previously, the AITO brand had two extended-range SUVs, Wenjie M5 and Wenjie M7, equipped with software and hardware such as Huawei Harmony Ecology, and sold in Huawei’s sales network, the AITO brand is almost made by Huawei. According to data, a total of 10,045 vehicles were delivered in the Wenjie series, and the monthly delivery volume exceeded 10,000 for the first time. The Wenjie M5 EV launched this time is the first pure electric model of the Wenjie series.

In terms of appearance, Wenjie M5 EV adopts a new front face design to distinguish it from the already listed Wenjie M5 extended-range hybrid version. In terms of details, the car adopts the classic fake front grille design of pure electric vehicles to replace the multiple horizontal chrome-plated grilles on the extended-range version, which is officially called the “shark nose” shape. The front surround has air ducts on both sides, allowing air to enter laterally from the front of the car and exhaust from the rear of the wheel housing to optimize air resistance during driving. The interior of the headlight group adopts a new lamp cavity design, which improves the sophistication of the front face.

The side profile of the body is smooth, and the straight upper waistline is matched with the rising lower waistline, which has a good balance between fashion and dynamism. The window part uses the same silver chrome trim as the extended-range version. In addition, the new car will come standard with 19-inch wheels and a low wind resistance design. High-end models will also provide 20-inch wheels with a large-area closed design to further reduce the vehicle’s wind resistance coefficient.

In terms of the rear, the overall shape of the new car has not changed significantly compared with the extended-range hybrid version. It still presents the popular design elements through the bar-type taillight group, which is highlighted by black decoration. The round and full rear bumper makes the rear of the vehicle looks heavier. In terms of size, Wenjie M5 EV has a length, width and height of 4785/1930/1620mm and a wheelbase of 2880mm. It is positioned as a medium-sized pure electric SUV.

The interior layout of the new car adopts the embracing T-shaped center console layout, and the material is covered with a large area of leather material. The new car is equipped with a 10.4-inch curved full LCD instrument panel and a 15.6-inch semi-floating central control screen. It is worth mentioning that the car will be the first to be equipped with the latest HarmonyOS 3 system, which is further optimized in terms of intelligence and ease of use.

In terms of power, Wenjie M5 EV is powered by HUAWEI DriveONE pure electric drive intelligent platform, which is composed of AC asynchronous motor + rear permanent magnet synchronous motor. With the support of the HUAWEI DATS system, it also brings a new adjusted energy-saving mode, which saves battery energy consumption through the design of easy power control, energy recovery enhancement and torque adaptive adjustment. It can achieve a range of 620km under CLTC conditions, and the four-wheel drive version can achieve a range of 552km under CLTC conditions. In terms of suspension system, the front double wishbone and the rear H-arm multi-link independent suspension are adopted.