CHANGAN Oshan A600 EV is Ready in Market, a 6-seat MPV with Range of 251 miles


Oshan used to be a minibus brand of Changan Automobile (minibus is so-called van, which is a small passenger and cargo car, generally it has 6~8 seats.), minivan once played a important role in China low end auto market. position of Oshan brand is in low end, as the Chinese auto market continues to change, Changan has announced its withdrawal from the traditional fuel van market. Instead, Changan calls it a multi-function MPV, Oshan A600 is right one. In addition, Oshan is gradually switching to its new brand logo, the same time Oshan launches some SUV models, the brand image gradually detached from the original low-end van.

Now the 2019 Oshan A600 EV 6-seat was officially launched. Oshan A600 EV was originally from the Oshan A600 feul version, it is a compact MPV. Oshan A600 EV new car is priced at 149,800 RMB (~USD22400). The appearance of EV version is basically the same as that of the fuel version, it has only changed in the details.

In terms of appearance, Oshan A600 EV continues the design of the fuel version.
Vehicle body size is 4510/1725/1685mm, wheelbase is 2680mm.

Interior of Oshan A600 Fuel Model

In the interior, it uses large black and silver color design, which is stylish and recognizable. The central control is a 7inch display, it supports Bluetooth phone, external audio interface (AUX/USB/iPod, etc.), mobile phone mapping and other functions. In terms of configuration, Oshan A600 EV is also equipped with a right rear view mirror with camera, front/rear reversing radar, reversing image, driving image recorder, electric sunroof, etc., and optional battery heating function for quick charging.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 90kW (122 hp). Its NEDC cruising range is 251miles (405km). It has two charging modes: DC fast charge and AC slow charge.