Changan Oshan COSMOS Pure Electric MPV Will Cost 168,800 Yuan in the Chinese market


Changan Auto officially listed its latest electric MPV model, the Oshan (Oushang) COSMOS EV in the Chinese market. This new model will be available for sale starting May 4, 2020, at a price of 168,000 Yuan (~US$23,723) after subsidy.


This latest EV model follows closely the design of the Changan Oshan COSMOS fuel version. However, when compared with its fuel version, the Auchan Oshan COSMOS EV stands out in a number of ways. The front headlights of the EV feature a simple design, nothing too fancy. It doesn’t have the traditional fog lights and the interior daytime running lights have been curved into a nice L-shape.

The exterior dimension of the EV is 4840/1860 / 1840 mm and the wheelbase 2820mm, that’s close to the fuel model with very slight adjustments to the height. There isn’t much difference when it comes to the overall design of the car but we can see that the EV variant is equipped with multi-spoke wheels, clearly an indication of a desire to raise the EV’s profile within the competitive MPV market. In addition, it comes with a suspended roof.

On the inside, the Oshan COSMOS EV doesn’t disappoint. There’s plenty of soft paddings and leather, crafted carefully using a slush molding process, the result is a well-textured interior with matching color schemes that offer buyers plenty of options to pick from. The car comes with a 2+2+4 seat configuration considering that it’s an MPV with a commercial focus.


Oshan COSMOS EV is equipped with a host of features that include ABS braking technology, body stability control, traction control, rear reversing radar, electronic handbrake, and tire pressure monitoring. Transmission is delivered through a 122 Horsepower drive motor, powered by a 57.9kWh lithium-ion phosphate battery pack, all this is capable of 400Km cruising range according to official estimates.


Oushang COSMOS Fuel Version

Changan Oshan(Oushang) COSMOS has been in the market since early 2019, this model was positioned as a mid-size MPV and comes in two engine variants, the 1.6L, and 1.5T, with the latter being the core model, the models were sold for between 79,000 to 168,000 Yuan and offered consumers various configuration options.


Currently, the MPV market does not have many fully-electric models but things are changing fast thanks to the likes of the “home-centric” BYD Song MAX EV and even the “commercial/business-oriented” Dongfeng Lingzhi M5 EV and SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 5. Prices remain varied across models.

The just-unveiled Changan Oshan COSMOS EV, for example, is business-centric. Fuel-powered models continue to be the mainstay of the motoring world but EVs are catching up and fast, that fact outlines why COSMOS EV won’t be burdened by sales pressure.


The Changan Oshan COSMOS EV relatively longer range makes it ideal for daily business needs, it’s also a great choice in cities with strict emission standards as a supplement to the fossil fuel counterpart. Changan continues to diversify its product portfolio with a focus on developing products that meet different consumer needs while leveraging renewable energy sources. It’s a good strategy because the competition is about to get intense in the EV space. Stay tuned.