MG EZS Listed in Thailand Market Named MG ZS EV

MG ZS EV in Thai market

We learned from the official of SAIC-MG that MG’s first pure electric SUV MG-EZS (Thailand called MG ZS EV) was just launched in Thailand today (Beijing time: on the afternoon of June 20 2019). It currently only launched one model and sold for 119.00 million baht. (about RMB 264,100 or ~US$38,536. The sales price of MG EZS is from RMB 119,800 (~US#17,486) to RMB 149,800(~US$21,865) after subsidy). The new car provides 8 years of 180,000 km battery warranty policy, as well as 8 years unlimited mileage free battery warranty, first-year free insurance, free charging pile and delivery installation fee for the first 1000 customers.

This is the 2nd stop of MG EZS global listing plan after the introduction of its hometown London, it will be introduced to Australia, Saudi Arabia and other markets. It is reported that not only MG EZS, but also new cars such as MG HS, MG 6, will be exported to these countries in the near future. In addition, the official announced that all charging piles will cover the MG 4S shop in Thailand and sign a power network construction contract with the Capital Power Bureau in 2019.

In China market, MG EZS has been officially launched on March 30 2019, it launched four models. The new car is equipped with a ternary lithium battery from the CATL (Ningdeshidai) with capacity of 44.5kWh. The maximum power of the motor is 110 kW (147 hp) and the peak torque is 350 Nm. In the battery range section, it can do 208miles(335km) under NEDC comprehensive working condition measured in China.

The most obvious difference from the gasoline version is that the traditional gear lever is replaced by a knob, while driving mode switching and energy recovery intensity adjustment are added in front.

Like the MG3 and MG ZS models that have been listed in the Thai market before, although the models sold in the Thai market are not equipped with Banma OS (a smart car system), the SAIC-MG has customized a set of interconnected voice control systems called i-smart to reflect its Internet properties. This system includes common voice interaction, voice navigation, CarPlay mobile phone interconnection and other functions, which is very attractive to young local consumers.

The biggest MG 4S shop in Bangkok

MG EZS models currently on sale in the Thai market are produced and exported by China factories. However, since the MG ZS gasoline version has been produced in the factory in Chonburi, Thailand, it is not difficult to guess that MG EZS models sold in Thailand will also be produced in this factory in the future.In addition to MG ZS family, there are also models such as the MG 3 and the MG GS as well as MG HS will also be localized.

The MG brand currently has more than 100 dealer networks throughout the Thai market. The “localization rate” of the models sold has already exceeded 40%, and can be subsidized by the local government of Thailand. At the same time, the Chinese and Thai government signed the Free Trade Agreement(FTA), which introduced a tariff-free policy for pure electric vehicles exported from China, which also made MG have greater market competitiveness in the Thai market.

In terms of electric vehicles, the Thai government is currently vigorously increasing the coverage of charging equipment. At the press conference, MG also signed a cooperation agreement with the Capital Power Bureau (Thai), which will first deploy the charging network in the Bangkok area. In addition, more than 100 MG 4S stores throughout Thailand will complete the construction of charging piles within this year.

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