MG7 Goes Live in China with 2.0T+9AT


For a long time, sports cars have been the field that MG is best at, and MG 5, MG 6, MG MULAN, etc. are all very representative models. In the more high-end mid-size sedan market, MG also officially unveiled the all-new MG7 last year. As the first model of MG’s new black badge, MG7 has attracted a lot of young consumers with its crossover design, outstanding power, technological interior and other product strengths. Today (March 28), MG7 was officially launched in the Chinese market. The new car launched a total of 6 models with a price range of 119,800 to 169,800 yuan (~US$17,400 – ~US$24,600).

In terms of appearance, we can intuitively feel the low-lying visual effect brought by the low front of the MG7 and the large slip-back shape, which is also the design that best highlights the vehicle’s sporty posture. In terms of details, the front face of MG7 features a flat shape, and the posture of swooping forward is particularly obvious. At the same time, the large-sized blackened mesh grille and sharp digital hunting headlights inside the front face also make the entire front face extremely aggressive.

Coming to the side, the smooth lines of the MG7 can be seen at a glance. On the basis of the low body posture, the large fastback shape extending from the roof to the rear makes the MG7 more like a GT sports car.

In the tail design, MG7 uses the popular bar-type taillight design, which greatly improves the recognition. However, the biggest highlight of the MG7 tail is the extraordinarily cool folding electric wing, which can realize three-stage active opening and closing. When the vehicle is stationary, it is folded to ensure an elegant posture. In the driving state, opening the rear wing can directly show the sportiness and provide stronger sport performance. The rear wing design of MG7 has to remind us of the Porsche Panamera with a similar design.

In addition to the eye-catching exterior design, the interior of MG7 also maintains a “high profile”, directly in line with luxury brands. For the interior of the car, MG7 uses Dinamica material and Silk Nappa leather splicing in a large area to ensure the luxury and comfort of the interior. At the same time, the one-piece seat also ensures the wrapping of the driving and the overall sports atmosphere.

In terms of technology experience, MG7 uses a 33-inch all-in-one display with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, which fully guarantees the data and operation experience. In addition, MG7 also has NGP high-level intelligent driving assistance system, which can realize automatic driving assistance functions such as automatic lane change, automatic on-ramp, APA automatic parking, RPA remote control automatic parking, etc.

Since it is a sports model, power is naturally one of the highlights of MG7. With the support of SAIC‘s latest Mount Everest architecture, MG7 is equipped with a power combination of 2.0T+9AT. Among them, SAIC’s new-gen blue core 2.0T high-performance black-label engine adopts VGT technology, with a maximum 261 horsepower and a peak torque of 405 Nm. In terms of transmission, MG7 also uses SAIC’s new-gen 9AT gearbox. According to official data, this power combination can achieve the acceleration capability in 6.5 seconds from 0-100 km/h, and the fuel consumption performance of 6.94 liters per 100 kilometers under WLTC conditions.

In addition to the 2.0T+9AT power combination, MG7 also provides a 1.5T+7DCT model with a maximum horsepower of 188 horsepower and a peak torque of 300 Nm.