MG’s First Electric SUV model MG EZS is Ready in Market, will Sell in Global Market


Today, MG(MorrisGarages)’s first pure electric SUV model, MG EZS, is ready to enter the market. MG announced its pre-sale price: 119,800 RMB (USD17,900), the new car will be officially listed at the end of this month. MG EZS will be equipped with 44.5kWh battery pack, range is 208 miles(335km) under NEDC.

The appearance of the MG EZS is basically the same as its fuel model (MG ZS). The front face inherits its family’s “Emotional Design”, the LONDON EYE headlights and the breathing illuminated badge are the highlights. The charging port is deployed at central logo in front, integrating with fast charge and slow charge interface. The size of MG EZS is 4314/1809/1620mm, wheelbase is 2585mm, which the height of the car is 28mm lower than that MG ZS.

In terms of interiors, the overall layout of the MG EZS is also consistent with MG ZS. The difference is that it is equipped with a knob-type shifter and is equipped with an electronic handbrake.

In terms of power, MG EZS is equipped with a maximum power of 110kW motor, integrating with water-cooled + electric heating temperature control system and S-Pedal energy recovery extended range system. its cruising range reaches 208 miles(335km) under the NEDC comprehensive operating conditions. It can provide 110kW maximum power and maximum 350N·m torque, the official claim that its 0-50km/h acceleration is only 2.8 seconds.

MG EZS uses CATL hi-power super dense lithium battery, its energy density reached 161Wh / kg, battery capacity is 44.5kWh, it also showed its advantage in comparison with Volkswagen e-GOLF and Nissan Leaf.

It is worth mentioning that MG EZS is the first pure electric vehicle in China to meet European standards such as E-MARK and REACH. The battery has reached the international standards of US UL2580 and IP67. In addition, the new car will also be undergoing a two-month road test in many European countries, which is preparing for global sales. MG EZS will be sold in UK, German and other countries.