Great Wall TANK Brings TANK 300 HEV & TANK 500 PHEV Hybrid Model At Chengdu


At the 25th Chengdu Auto Show, Great Wall Motor‘s TANK brand officially released the “off-road + new energy” technical route and off-road super hybrid architecture. Two mass-produced hybrid models based on the off-road super hybrid architecture, the TANK 300 HEV (Light Hybrid EV) and the TANK 500 PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid EV), were unveiled together.


Among them, the TANK 300 HEV is equipped with a 2.0T Miller cycle engine and a 9HAT transmission, with a maximum power of 224kW and a maximum torque of 640N m.

With the support of the electric motor, the TANK 300 HEV will reduce fuel consumption during congestion. According to the TANK official data, the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of TANK 300 HEV under the WLTC working condition is reduced to less than 10L, and the fuel consumption can reach less than 9L under the urban working condition.


In addition, TANK 500 PHEV is equipped with a 19.94kWh battery, with a 2.0T+9HAT powertrain to achieve a maximum comprehensive power of 300kW, a maximum comprehensive torque of 750N m, and a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 6.6 seconds.

Data shows that TANK 500 PHEV can achieve a WLTC comprehensive fuel consumption of 4.4L / 100km and a comprehensive driving range of 736km when fully charged. TANK 500 PHEV also supports 0.5 hours of fast charging and 3 hours of slow charging, and has a 3.3kW external discharge power.

Chinapev learned that TANK 300 HEV and TANK 500 PHEV will be available for pre-sale globally this year. TANK brand official said that the “electric TANK” is also the direction of the TANK brand’s layout. The TANK brand is actively researching and developing in the fields of batteries, motors and electronic control, and will soon bring the “electric TANK” to the market.