China’s electric vehicle leader BYD enters the pickup truck market


Since the outbreak of BYD in Chinese new energy vehicles market, BYD has blossomed on various fronts. This year, it has successively launched Yang Wang brand and Formula Leopard brand (Fang Cheng Bao), and its off-road electric SUVs such as Yang Wang U8 and Leopard 5 have also been taken offline. This has also formed a comprehensive competition with Great Wall Motor‘s TANK series. Now, BYD’s pickup truck is also coming, and it is not surprising that it will also erode the market share of Great Wall, the No.1 pickup trucks in the Chinese market. It also demonstrates BYD’s ambition in the automotive field.

Recently, we obtained a set of BYD pickup truck patent maps from relevant channels. It is reported that the new car is the first pickup truck in BYD’s Ocean series and is expected to be launched by the end of the year. According to previous news, BYD electric pickup truck may be offered by two power versions: plug-in hybrid and pure electric.

According to patent documents, the exterior design of the car was carried out by BYD Chief Scientist Lian Yubo and Global Design Director Wolfgang Egger, Yin Yadong, Huang Zuzheng, Huang Jiangrong, Yan Xiaoyu and others. The new car features an integrated design with a large grille area, typical of a tough pickup style. The raised ribs at the front of the car look powerful, and the grille is equipped with the large “BYD” badge.

On the side of the car, the new car also uses a large number of straight lines and square contours, and is equipped with luggage racks and gantry frames on the roof, cargo compartment, and other positions. The new pickup adopts the mainstream dual row seat layout and is equipped with side pedals. The new car does not adopt an integrated design, and the rear bucket and passenger compartment are still designed separately. Looking at the rear of the car, the new car’s taillights adopt a concave three-dimensional design, equipped with dense horizontal light strips inside, and adopt a through type taillight.

In terms of interior design, referring to previous spy photos, it features a sporty style flat bottomed steering wheel, equipped with a full LCD instrument panel and a huge central control screen. The air conditioning vents are placed below the screen, and the orange accents around them add a touch of liveliness and agility to the interior of the car. In addition, the new car features a sleek gearshift lever.

In terms of power, BYD pickup may be offered by two power versions: plug-in hybrid and pure electric. Previously, it was reported that this pickup is expected to be equipped with hydraulic active suspension system, streaming rearview mirrors, Huawei AR-HUD and other functions. We will continue to monitor more news about the new car.