Great Wall TANK 800 Made Debut in China: Cullinan-like luxury SUV


At the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, the new flagship SUV of TANK brand (a sub-brand from Great Wall Motors), the TANK 800, was officially released. It is understood that the new car is the flagship product of the TANK “Business Luxury” route, focusing on luxury.

Along with the hot selling TANK 300, Great Wall launched two new model in “TANK” series, and create new sub-brand, TANK, anyway, TANK 800 is totally different style from the off road SUV TANK 300, it goes to be a Cullinan-like luxury vehicle.

In terms of appearance, you can clearly feel the luxury of the new car. The front face of the new car uses a large-size polygonal grille, with multiple vertical waterfall-type nets inside, and a large number of chrome-plated materials are added. In detail, the front two sides of the new car are LED headlights with outer and inner circles, which are very domineering in visual perception.

Although the official has not yet declared the body size, the side of the body can only be described by a “big” word. The overall size is a lap larger than Rolls-Royce Cullinan, and it has reached the level of a full-size SUV.

The interior is also extremely luxurious, TANK 800 provides a floating instrument and a floating central control screen design, and the central control area also retains most of the physical buttons. In terms of interior materials, a large number of suede fur is used in the interior, supplemented by wood grain and metal decorative panels. In the second row, TANK 800 provides independent seats, leg rests, electric adjustments and other functions.

The power of the Tank 800 is also of great concern to everyone. After all, a long-awaited powertrain finally appeared at this auto show. TANK 800 will be equipped with a 3.0T twin-turbocharged V6 engine newly developed by Great Wall, with a maximum power of 354 horsepower and a maximum torque of 500N·m. The transmission system is matched with a longitudinal 9AT gearbox; For the hybrid version, it will be matched with a 9HAT gearbox, with a maximum power of 517 horsepower and a maximum torque of 750N·m. From the data point of view, the 3.0T power is indeed well-deserved, and it is completely sufficient when paired with TANK 800.

Price is not yet released, it is expected to be sold at a range of 300,000 to 500,000yuan