Baojun E300 is an all-new mini EV after E100 & E200


Today (May 21), SGMW Baojun’s all-new mini EV, Baojun E300 officially opened online booking. Baojun E300 is offered in 2 seats / 3 seats / 4 seats layout, the 4-seater model is named E300Plus, the pure electric cruising range declared by China MIIT for both Baojun E300 / E300Plus are the same 305km.

Baojun E300 / E300Plus is the first pure electric vehicle under the new Baojun brand (new badge), it is in the same market as the pure electric mini car with the Baojun E100 / E200. The appearance design of the Baojun E300 / E300Plus is full of futuristic, the square shape has the taste of KCar, but also has a cute and lovely temperament.

The design of the vehicle is in the style of “separate cockpit”, the upper part of the body is black, and the hidden door handle is a rare configuration in the same class. Baojun E300 has a body size of 2625/1647 / 1588mm and a wheelbase of 1750mm; the E300Plus with four seats has a body size of 2894/1655 / 1595mm and a wheelbase of 2020mm.

Like many pure electric minicars, the interior design of Baojun E300 / E300Plus is also quite simple, it is equipped with Baojun car networking system (HUAWEI HiCar system), the new car is not equipped with a central control screen, various operations can be achieved through voice control, the only LCD screen in the car is the instrument panel.

The new Baojun E300 / E300Plus provides two different seat layouts: 2/3 seats / 4 seats. Among them, the 3rd seat of 3-searter version is located behind the co-pilot, it is difficult for an adult to sit in it. The 3-seater E300Plus benefits from a longer wheelbase and body size, and the rear space is relatively ample, but it is just right for adults.

In terms of power, Baojun E300 / E300Plus are powered by a motor with a maximum power of 39 horsepower (29 kW). Due to the different body sizes, the battery pack of E300 has a capacity of 30kWh, the E300Plus battery pack has a capacity of 31.9kWh, and the NEDC range of both model are 305km.