Great Wall TANK 700 is officially unveiled! Power tower over Mercedes-Benz V8


On April 19, the Shanghai Auto Show officially kicked off. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Great Wall Motors also announced that TANK brand, which is independent from the WEY brand and become a new independent off-road brand.

At the same time, TANK officials also brought new models of TANK 700 and TANK 800. TANK 700 is positioned as a mid-to-large luxury off-road vehicle, while TANK 800 is the luxury flagship model in TANK brand.

Compared with the square front face of the TANK 300, the TANK 700 has a more mecha-like appearance, and has a brand new “TANK” logo, which is more suitable for the aesthetic needs of young consumers. And the blessing of the round classic headlights makes the appearance of the car fit the TANK family design language very well.

On the body structure, TANK 700 adopts a non-load-bearing chassis structure, which is a five-door body structure. However, the rear end of the TANK 700 adopts the side-opening method commonly used by off-road vehicles. At the same time, the spare tires are also installed on the rear guards. The “big schoolbag” on their backs adds off-road style on TANK 700.

Different from the off-road appearance, the interior of the TANK 700 is extremely luxurious, and even has a luxurious feel like Rolls Royce and Bentley. A large area of the interior is wrapped in suede, which contrasts greatly with the appearance of the hardcore off-road vehicle.

The interior of the vehicle is also a complete ultra-luxury style, with a four-seater layout, rear seat leg rests, independent central armrests, and LCD entertainment screens. The ride feels extremely comfortable and luxurious.

Compared with the exterior and interior parts, the power system of TANK 700 is more exciting for fans. According to reports, TANK 700 is equipped with the latest 3.0T V6 engine developed by Great Wall Motors. The maximum power is 354Ps and the peak torque is 500N·m. The researched vertical 9AT gearbox has a power level that has leapt to the China Top1 level.

In addition, TANK 700 will also add a set of P2 hybrid system (the motor is located inside the gearbox) on the basis of 3.0T+9AT, with a comprehensive power of 517 horsepower and a peak torque of 750N·m. This level of power surpasses the Mercedes-Benz G G500 V8 model.