TANK 700 Hi4-T first limited edition starts at 700,000 yuan with 3.0T V6 engine


Update on 27th Feb. 2024: GWM TANK 700 Hi4-T was officially launched on the evening of February 26. The new car has a total of 3 models, with a price range of 428,000-700,000 yuan. The new car is positioned as a medium-to-large off road SUV, a plug-in hybrid non-load-bearing SUV, with a 3.0T V6 twin-turbocharged engine and a P2 motor.

The highlights of the new car include a large-displacement hybrid system, professional off-road equipment, active suspension that improves comfort, and a luxurious and comfortable in-car experience. The official positioning of the TANK 700 Hi4-T is: the all-around king of the Tank family, the true flagship of Chinese luxury off-road vehicles.


TANK 700 Hi4-T is equipped with a 3.0T V6 twin-turbocharged engine + P2 motor to form a plug-in hybrid system. The comprehensive power reaches 385kW and the comprehensive torque is as high as 800N·m (the peak torque of the limited edition model is 850N·m). The transmission system is matched with a 9-speed manual self-integrated hybrid special transmission. The acceleration from 0-100km/h is 5 seconds, the pure electric range under NEDC conditions is 100km, and the comprehensive fuel consumption under WLTC conditions is 2.97L/100km.

The power compensation of the P2 motor makes up for the power loss of the engine in the commonly used speed range, so that the driver can’t feel the power attenuation, and can easily cope with extreme cold, high temperature and high altitude. The new car also supports 3.3kW high-power external discharge, which can simultaneously drive high-power electrical appliances such as electric ovens and electric heaters. At the same time, the rear trunk of the car provides a 220V high-power (2.2kW) power interface.


At the Guangzhou Auto Show, the limited edition of TANK 700 Hi4-T from Great Wall Motors was officially launched for pre-sale, with a pre-sale price of 700,000 yuan (~US$97,000) on the Chinese market. The appearance of TANK 700 Hi4-T continues the “mecha technology” route, with a quite rugged design. At the same time, it is powered by a 3.0T hybrid system, the performance is worth looking forward to.

In terms of appearance, the new car adopts a brand new design language to create the front face, which has a very distinct differentiation style from the family brothers TANK 300 or TANK 500. The front face has a distinct sense of layering, and the layered grille adopts a trapezoidal design that looks very stable and solid. The headlight group adopts an irregular shape design, and the “light eyebrow” design located at the front hood significantly improves its recognition.

From a side view, the new car has expanded the front and rear wheel arches to create a wide body effect, and the upper edge of the car window is also decorated with black to outline the roof shape, enhancing the delicacy of the details.

Arriving at the rear, TANK 700 Hi4-T features a wide bottom and narrow top design, creating a sense of heaviness. The spare tire is positioned at the tailgate in line with its hard core positioning, and there is also a spoiler above it, combined with a lower diffuser design, which has a strong sense of sportiness.

The interior of the new car features a gun-barrel style instrument design. In addition, the new car is equipped with a three spoke multifunctional steering wheel, and the center console is equipped with a large multimedia touch screen in a floating design, with a row of physical buttons retained below it. This car is featured with a 3.0T+9HAT powertrain, a 3.0T V6 twin turbocharged engine, paired with a P2 motor, with a comprehensive power of 385kW and a torque of 850N · m.

The intelligent four-wheel drive + Mlock mechanical locking system of the car has also been upgraded, and the cast casing of the front and rear differential locks adopts aluminum reducer casing with higher strength and better wear resistance. The front and rear drive shaft assemblies have been upgraded to the Borg Warner 6 planetary gear mechanism, which increases torque output by 16% compared to the 4 planetary gears.