Great Wall Released Dragon Armor Battery with 1000km battery life


Recently, Yang Hongxin, chairman and CEO of SVOLT(Honeycomb Energy, a company from Great Wall Motors), released a new generation of high-safety power battery system solution – Dragon Armor battery on behalf of SVOLT. According to the official introduction, on the one hand, the naming idea takes the meaning of the extremely strong dragon scale armor. According to the official introduction, the main highlights of this battery are safety and battery life. In terms of safety, the battery has applied technologies such as thermoelectric separation and space function integration design to improve the safety of the monomer and the system. At the same time, this solution also has advantages in terms of battery life. Its lithium iron phosphate version can make the battery life of electric vehicles exceed 800km.

Due to the cost advantage, the market share of lithium iron phosphate batteries has been increasing in the past one or two years in the Chinese market, and has gradually become the mainstream of the market. But from the perspective of SVOLT, there are still two problems that cannot be solved for lithium iron phosphate batteries: first, safety issues. The intrinsic safety of lithium iron phosphate batteries is outstanding, but after being assembled into battery packs, the battery problem has not been completely solved; second, the battery life problem. Because the energy density of lithium iron phosphate batteries is not high enough, the battery life problem still plagues the industry.

Secondly, the Dragon Armor battery adopts a “thermal-electric separation” design, so that the thermal runaway pressure relief area and the power transmission area are independent, reducing the failure probability of internal high-voltage arcing and ignition when thermal runaway occurs. Third, the Dragon Armor battery adopts a double-sided cooling design, and its heat transfer capacity is 70% higher than the general level. At the structural level of the battery pack, SVOLT adopts the design of high-strength steel + elastic brackets to avoid battery pack failures caused by collisions.

In terms of battery life, through technical optimization, the volume group efficiency of the Dragon Armor battery system using lithium iron phosphate cells has increased to 76%, with a battery life of more than 800km, using high-manganese-iron-nickel batteries for more than 900km, and using ternary batteries for more than 1000km .

According to Yang Hongxin, the Dragon Armor battery will accept global orders from now on, and will be equipped with mass-produced models in 2023, including an SUV mass-produced in October 2023 and a coupe mass-produced in October 2023.