Spy Photos of GWM Poer Pickup 6*6 Special Edition


We got a set of spy photos of GWM Poer pickup 6*6 special edition from the Internet. It can be seen that the new pickup is equipped with six wheels and is expected to have strong off-road capabilities.

It can be seen that with six wheels, the new pickup has a very exaggerated visual effect. At the same time, thanks to the addition of a rear axle, the new car will have a more impressive cargo compartment depth, and the storage capacity is expected to increase. Not only that, the new wheel layout will further enhance the off-road capability of the vehicle.

GWM Poer Pickup – SHANHAIPAO 4*4 Edition

At the same time, the new pickup is expected to continue the design of Poer 4-wheel version (It calls Shanhai Pao in Chinese), which looks quite similar to the “TANK” series. At present, we do not know more about the new pickup. In terms of power, we expect that the new car is expected to continue to be equipped with a 3.0T engine, and the 48V light hybrid system is expected to be available as well.