Great Wall Motor to launch a new 5.5-meter-long high-end new energy sedan under new brand


We recently obtained some new information about Great Wall Motors from relevant channels. According to the information, Great Wall Motors plans to launch a new brand ZX (code name), and the first model will be a D+ class high-end electric sedan (about 5,500mm long). In addition, we also learned that the products of this brand will not be sold through existing channels in the future.

At present, there is still relatively little information about the ZX brand and its products. From the pictures obtained, the car has a large front and a slender overall shape, which is very imposing. At the same time, the fenders and doors also use L-shaped decorations. According to the information obtained, the length of this car is about 5.5 meters. It is worth noting that the Hongqi H9 is only 5.1 meters long, and the Rolls-Royce Ghost is 5,546mm long, which are close to each other. We are also full of expectations for the launch of this car. We believe that we will be able to experience the charm of this flagship sedan soon.

In recent years, Great Wall Motors has deployed a number of new energy products and is gradually transforming. New energy products from the Haval Dragon series (such as Haval Fierce Dragon, Haval Vigorous Dragon), WEY Lanshan, WEY Gaoshan, ORA and TANK are all covered. According to the data, Great Wall Motors sold nearly 25,000 new energy passenger vehicles in January. This time, we can see that ZX is a high-end series planned by Great Wall. We look forward to more news.