Qiantu K20 Comes Back with a Unique Electric Wagon Style


Actually Qiantu Motor is a pioneer of new energy vehicles in China. Back in 2018, Qiantu K50 with a super sports car design was officially launched, which is also the first model of Qiantu Motor. Two-door and two-seater, the appearance of Bugatti and McLaren has attracted much attention, and the price of 754,300 yuan (~US$113,145) does not seem to be too expensive compared to its bluffing appearance. However, the positioning of the niche also doomed the market fate of this Qiantu K50, then Qiantu Motor that experienced a series of crises gradually faded out of people’s sight.

Qiantu K50 in 2019 Shanghai Auto Show

In April 2022, Qiantu released the information of the customized version of its Qiantu K50, and Qiantu Motor began to re-enter our field of vision. Today, Qiantu Motor released the latest news about the production version of the new model, the Qiantu K20, Qiantu K20 is positioned in a 2-door, 2-seater mini sports car, it officially opened for pre-sale, price ranges from 86,800-149,800 yuan (~US$13,020 – US$22,470) which is similar to Leapmotor S01. In addition, the Qiantu K20 will be available in hardtop and convertible versions.

2022 Qiantu K20
2019 Qiantu K20

Judging from the latest official photos of the mass production version that have been exposed so far, the K20 prototype car was unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2019. Compared with the concept car version unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show, the production version of the Qiantu K20 has been significantly adjusted. The hatchback design has a strong sense of movement.

Different from Qiantu’s first model K50, K20, as a niche-oriented two-door electric sports car, features a hatchback design with a low-slung hatchback and two doors to highlight the feeling of a sports coupe. The whole vehicle does not use too many line decorations, and it looks more sleek. The head of the car is a fake grille commonly used in electric vehicles and is equipped with matrix headlights.

The side profile is very dynamic. The shape of the rear is also very individual. The angled shape raised in the middle of the rear windshield is very individual. The taillights use a bar-type shape, and the whole appearance looks very young and sporty.

In the interior, the center console uses an asymmetrical layout, with the LCD instrument panel as the center, providing a floating curved triple screen. There is only one air-conditioning outlet in the middle of the center console, and the two-spoke steering wheel is very unique.

Although the appearance is a two-door coupe, the shape of the seat does not emphasize the sports style very much, and the seat is not very prominent whether it is the seat cushion or the flank support of the backrest.

Although the body size is only 3740/1640/1270mm, and the wheelbase is 2326mm. Qiantu K20 is built based on the QIANTU 2.0 technology. It uses a dual-motor four-wheel-drive system, the total torque reaches 290N.m, the official said that the 0-100km/h acceleration time only takes 4.7 seconds. In addition, the body is made of aluminum alloy frame and carbon fiber material, and the weight of the whole vehicle is only 780kg, with a power-to-weight ratio of 0.2051 that is comparable to that of a sports car.