This is Qiantu K20 All-Electric Coupe Unveiled on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show


Qiantu Motor released the latest version of its electric coupe Qiantu K20 at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. Official says it is the first two-seat all-electric urban sports car. K20 is the smallest electric coupe from Qiantu Motor till now, two door and two seat, based on Qiantu Motors’s small passenger car platform. 6 seconds in acceleration from 0-100km/h and the top speed reaches 190km/h claimed by official.

This is actually not the first time Qiantu K20 unveiled on auto show, K20 made its debut at 2018 Beijing auto show, anyway the 2018 K20 seems more likely a concept car, the K20 on 2019 Shanghai show is the closest model to the mass production. Official also announced the production version of K20 will be mass-produced in the fourth quarter of this year.

Qiantu K20 inherits the family style front face and long roof hatchback design. The overall design is simple, the front face is grille-less, the headlights are very narrow and connected by a chrome trim. The petal-shaped multi-strip wheel has a unique shape and is 16 inches in size with a tire size of 175/55 R16.

Qiantu K20 features the current popular hidden door handles, the entire waistline is very dynamic. It rises from the front fender to the B-pillar part, the wave-inspired surf line gives it a more unique feature.

Qiantu K20 also features a sports car front and rear double wishbone all-aluminum suspension, four-wheel drive system with intelligent torque distribution, professional sports chassis training HORIBA MIRA UK, and Bosch 9.3 ESP system. This allows Qiantu K20 to not only have the driving attitude of a pure sports car, but also provide high-quality ride comfort.

In addition, Qiantu K20 also uses a high-strength aluminum alloy frame body, equipped with an active liquid cooling / heating system, as well as high-security standard battery pack independently developed by Qiantu itself. It is reported that K20 exhibits excellent performance in series tests such as low temperature adaptability test, vehicle thermal management test and VCU winter calibration: the system temperature difference is within 8 °C under the full temperature (-30 °C~55 °C) environment. Fully guarantee battery consistency, thus extending battery cycle life. In the extremely cold region, the battery temperature is maintained at 10 °C ~ 15 °C in 70% of the time, greatly optimizing the winter life and performance.