GWM PAO Pickup Black Bullet Edition will be pre-sold at the Shanghai Auto Show


We learned from relevant channels that Great Wall Motor (GWM) PAO pickup Black Bullet Edition will be available for pre-sale at the Shanghai Auto Show. Prior to this, the pickup was officially unveiled at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show. The overall shape of the pickup is very tough. The whole vehicle uses black matte with orange trim, which looks wild. In addition, GWM PAO pickup full matrix modified vehicle will also be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show, including Wild-mounted Edition, Travel Edition, as well as PAO pickup wild fishing edition, Crossing Edition, Power Café Edition (Great Wall Cannon commercial pickup), Great Wall Cannon Off-road pickup truck trailer edition (Great Wall Cannon commercial pickup truck rescue version).

GWM PAO Black Bullet Edition

In terms of appearance, the new pickup is modified based on the PAO pickup off-road model. The body is painted in matte black, supplemented by orange decoration, which enhances the visual sense of the body. The front air intake grille adopts a traditional rectangular design, and the center grid adopts a double-spoke shape and is connected to the brand’s round LOGO, which is highly recognizable. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5437/2070/1993mm respectively. Compared with the normal version, the length of the vehicle has not changed, but the width has increased by 102mm, and the height has increased by 100mm. The chassis is increased by 80mm and the luggage rack height is 20mm.

At the rear, the car uses two exhausts on both sides and black pedals. There is also a storage box above the cargo box with spare tires on it, which looks wild.

In the interior, the interior and exterior of the new pickup also echo, using orange decorative lines and using suede materials for wrapping. In terms of configuration, the new car is also equipped with adjustable damping shock absorbers, Toyo Dragon Claw full-size off-road tires and other configurations. In terms of power, the new model is equipped with a 2.0T engine, matched with an 8-speed automatic transmission, and adopts a four-wheel drive form.

Wild-mounted PAO Pickup

The new car will be equipped with three spare tires + portable fuel tank, with long endurance and suitable for long-distance crossing. At the same time, the roof rack and spotlights are added to facilitate the storage of passing items and night travel. In addition, the carriage can also place and fix climbing items to reduce collisions of items.

Wild Fishing PAO Pickup

The new car will adopt a fully-covered gantry. The outline of the frame continues the shape of the Great Wall PAO pickup. The three sets of crossbars and longitudinal bars provide a large number of expansion fixing points while ensuring the overall structural strength of the gantry. The positions on both sides of the new car are suitable for fixing long-sized items such as pole bags, shovels, and sand guards, and the fixed surface shrinks inward. After the equipment is attached, the increased body width can be reduced.

PAO Pickup Crossing Edition

The biggest highlight of the car body is to fix various equipment, equipped with roof racks, roof spotlights, front spotlights, etc., to facilitate the crossing of bad road conditions, while changing tires and rims, making the vehicle look more domineering.

Power Café Edition (PAO Pickup Commercial Edition):

The Power Café Edition is equipped with a retractable storage cabinet that can store coffee machines, grinders and other items; a retractable glove box can store coffee utensils and other items. At the same time, the roof trunk is equipped with a fixed net for fixing, which can be used as a storage place for folding tables, and the retractable seat can be placed on the upper part of the cargo box. In addition, the roof of the new car is equipped with a retractable sunshade, and parasols can be fixed on both sides, with a flip coffee bar to form a mobile cafe that can follow the flow of people and provide services.