Leapmotor S01 Will Range 451km in the Upgraded Version


As per the recent reports, the car upgraded version of Leapmotor S01 will reach a range of 451km (280mile). The coupe EV is expected to mark its launch in Chinese market before June. In short, it is slated to hit the store shelves Q1 2020.

The layout of the Leapmotor S01 features a beautiful two-door and four-seater that appears in a compact style, while on the front there is a closed design, on the back you will find strips that are wider and decorative.

Leapmotor S01 is touted as the first model to be mass-produced, while there are four models already up for grabs in the Chinese market. The price range of the car starts from RMB 119,900 to RMB 199,900 after subsidy (US$17,123 – US$28,549).

Considering the configuration of current models, the range might vary from 305km to 380km as per NEDC standards. The energy density battery system of Leapmotor S01 460 version providing 380km is 161.9Wh / kg. This model is promoted by the ministry of information technology for new energy vehicles.

The Zero Run S01 Ranges 451km in the upgraded version

Aside from the range, the overhauled model retains the rest of the aspects. The maximum power of all the models will remain 125kW (170Ps) while the synchronous motor will consume 11.2kWh / 100km.

The interior of Leapmotor S01 is quite simple and elegant with various colors such as black and red, black and brown, black and white, etc.

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The Zero Run S01 Ranges 451km in the upgraded version