Qiantu Motor Debuted Its new Concept EV K25 on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show


Qiantu Motor, another electric vehicle startup in China, brought its new concept EV K25 to 2019 Shanghai auto show, Qiantu K25 is a hatchback four-door high performance electric coupe, position above K20 but lower than K50.

The overall design of Qiantu K25 is very simple. Because it is a pure electric model, there is no grille on the front face. The headlights adopt a one-piece design and look fashionable. The new car features a hidden door handle, compared to Qiantu K20, K25 features a more traditional four-door hatchback.

Qiantu K25 offers 2+2 seat layout and uses a lot of wood materials in interior. The center console features twin large-size screen design, revealing the unique insights of Qiantu Motor’s development for the future car interior.

However, the surface of the seat covered with tin foil,feeling is beyond the scope of my knowledge…

Qiantu K25 will be produced on a small passenger car platform with front and rear double wishbone suspension, but it did not announce the specific powertrain.

About Qiantu Motor

Qiantu Motor is a Chinese electric vehicle manufactuer, the parent company is CH-AUTO TECHNOLOGY, the founder of Qiantu Motor and CH-AUTO TECHNOLOGY Lu Qun has been engaged in the design and development of automotive vehicles for more than 25 years. He has worked in Beijing Jeep Automotive, holds a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering from Tsinghua University, BiMBA and a master’s degree in business administration from Fordham University.

Qiantu Motor focuses on the design, development, production, sales and service of pure electric vehicles. The company is committed to creating a full-fun pure electric vehicle for more consumers through forward-looking design, open smart interconnection platform, lightweight materials and modular electric drive technology. Qiantu Motor is the third new energy vehicle company approved by the NDRC project (project approval time is October 2016)

CH-AUTO TECHNOLOGY is an independent car design company and a vehicle development solution provider. The main business is the design of traditional cars, new energy vehicles and military vehicles, as well as development, production and sales of electric vehicles.

In April 2015, Qiantu K50, a pure electric high-performance sports car designed, developed and manufactured by Qiantu Motor, was unveiled at the Shanghai International Auto Show. This model was also exhibited at many China auto shows.

On February 17, 2016, Suzhou production base started building. The first phase investment exceeded 2 billion yuan. The initial area was 230,000 square meters, and the planned production capacity was 50,000 units.

In December 2017, the first EV Qiantu K50 went offline.