Spy Photos of Leapmotor’s NEW EV, Positioned in a Mini EV

Spy Photos of Leapmotor's NEW EV,  Positioned in a Mini EV

Recently, some Chinese media exposed a set of spy photos of Leapmotor’s new EV codenamed T03. According to previous news, the new EV is positioned as a miniature electric car with cruising range of 186miles(300km) and will be officially launched at the end of 2019 or 2020.

The design of the new headlights and the front grille is round, and the front face has a sense of Smart. Since the car is positioned as a miniature electric vehicle, its body side looks compact and the rim size is small. At the rear end, the shape of the taillights is also quite general, and it does not show a sense of fierceness.

Spy Photos of Leapmotor's NEW EV,  Positioned in a Mini EV
Spy Photos of Leapmotor's NEW EV,  Positioned in a Mini EV

Although this new EV is positioned as a mini-car, it can still be seen a LCD instrument panel and a central control panel from the interior; and perhaps to save space, the shifting lever or shift knob is not designed in the front row central tunnel area.

According to the news previously released by Leapmotor, the new EV will mainly selling to time-share leasing, online car-hailing market, young urban groups and third- and fourth-tier cities. It is reported that the new car will be powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor on the front axle, and the cruising range is 186miles(300km).


In January 2019, Leapmotor S01, the first model of Leapmotor, was officially launched in Beijing. S01 is positioned to a small sports car, a cost performance vehicle, price starts only at 109,900RMB(USD16,352) end at 149,900RMB(USD22,300) after government’s subsidy. Although it is very cheap price, S01 carries many black tech, such as Face recognition startup, Intelligent interconnection system + remote control, intelligent parking system + intelligent driving assistance system, intelligent comfort configuration, vein recognition unlocking, advanced intelligent driving assistance system, face recognition exclusive ID adaptive configuration system, S01 has 22 high-precision sensing devices to support Level 2.5 intelligent driving, and can be upgraded to Level 3 intelligent driving function through OTA online in the future. 0-100 km/h acceleration time recorded at 6.9s. There are two versions of cursing range: 186miles(300km) and 236miles(380km).

LEAPMOTOR is an innovative intelligent electric vehicle company jointly invested by Zhejiang Dahua Technology and its main founders. Founded in 2015, LEAPMOTOR is headquartered in Hangzhou, China. LEAPMOTOR’s business scope covers intelligent electric vehicle design, R&D, intelligent driving, motor electronic control, battery system development, and cloud computing-based car networking solutions.

Zhu Jiangming, chairman of LEAPMOTOR, repeatedly stressed that LEAPMOTOR’s vehicle is made by IT engineers, LEAPMOTOR wants to design and manufacture smart electric vehicles as electronic products.