Leapmotor’s First Coupe EV S01 Start to Deliver

Leapmotor’s first EV: S01

The first 10 units of Leapmotor S01 were officially delivered to the owners in the Hangzhou Leapmotor Center on June 28th. At present, Leapmotor S01 offers two variants of total 4 models with different trim level, the price range is 189,900-229,900 yuan before the subsidy. The first batch delivered is the Leapmotor S01 380 Pro Edition, the pre-subsidy price is 209,900 yuan (~US$30,575), it is 129,900 yuan (~US$18,922) after subsidy, the declared range by MIIT China is 300km (186miles). The subsequent delivery of Leapmotor S01 will be carried out one after another after the first batch.

Leapmotor S01 is based on the three major vehicle platforms as well as the EIC system, intelligent network system and automatic driving system that independently developed by Leapmotor itself. It is positioned as a two-door pure electric coupe with dynamic fashionable style. As the first EV of Leapmotor. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the Leapmotor S01 are 4,075/1760/1380 mm and the wheelbase is 2,500 mm.

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