Leapmotor C10 made debute on Munich Auto Show.


Update:On March 2nd 2024, Leapmotor C10 was officially launched, offering a total of 7 models with a price range of 128,800 to 168,800 yuan. Leapmotor C10 is the first model built on the all-new LEAP3.0 architecture, positioned as a mid size SUV, available in both pure electric and extended range versions. The extended range version is equipped with a 95 horsepower 1.5L four cylinder extended range engine, a CLTC pure electric range of 210km, and a maximum motor power of 231 horsepower. The pure electric version of the motor has a maximum power of 231 horsepower and a CLTC range of 530km. In terms of configuration, the new car is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip, LiDAR, and multiple driving assistance configurations. It is reported that the car will be launched overseas in the third quarter.

At the 2023 Munich Auto Show, the first global product from Leapmotor, C10, officially debuted. The new EV is positioned as a mid-size SUV and will introduce both extended range/pure electric power combinations, including five-seater and six-seater versions. In the next two years, it will launch 5 global new products to meet the demand of the left and right-and drive markets, and sell them in four major global markets: Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and the Americas.

Leapmotor C10 is built on the brand new LEAP3.0 architecture, still offers both pure electric and extended range, or equipped with an 800V platform for the pure electric version, supporting 4C charging speed.

C10 is positioned as a mid to large SUV, which looks like a 5-seater model. It may also be available in a 6-seater version in the future, but the interior has not been announced yet.

With a LiDAR overhead, combined with 12 cameras, 5 millimeter wave radars, and 12 ultrasonic radars, the Leapmotor C10 can achieve high-speed/city NAP navigation assistance driving.

The side of the car body is more simple and straight, and it is also paired with hidden door handles, making the overall design style similar to Lixiang L8. There is also a laser radar installed above the roof, which is expected to provide advanced intelligent driving assistance functions. The rear design of the car is very simple, with a straight bar type light group forming a sense of hierarchy, and the “LEAPMOTOR” logo is located below it.

In addition, Leapmotor announced that in the future, it will not only enter the European market as a car manufacturer, but also provide four business cooperation models for technology output: technology sharing based on electronic and electrical architecture and peripheral controllers (including headlights, cameras, radar, etc.); Technology sharing based on electronic and electrical architecture, peripheral controllers, batteries, and electric drives; Technology sharing based on the overall delivery of the lower body (including electronic and electrical architecture, batteries, and electric drive); Based on vehicle level cooperation and sharing.