Named HYCAN 007, GAC-NIO’s First Pure Electric SUV Started Pre-Sale in Chinese Market, Range of 399miles


On December 27th, HYCAN 007, the first pure electric SUV model of the HYCAN brand (Chinese spelling “Hechuang”) under GAC-NIO, was unveiled and started pre-sale. There were 5 new models launched in the pre-sale range of 260,000-400,000 yuan (~US$37,169 – US$57,184). The mass-production models listed this time are basically consistent with the concept version, only some details have been adjusted. It is officially announced that the NEDC range of this new pure electric SUV model can reach 399miles (643km), delivery will begin in April 2020.

As an electric SUV, the front face of the new car features a fake air grille design. The front bumper shape has been adjusted compared to its Hycan concept version, which is more concise. The front chrome trim is adjusted to a polyline design, adding a layered sense. On both sides of the front face, the individual “7” figure daytime running lights have a strong recognition, this design language is also used in many places on this EV. In addition, HYCAN 007 will be equipped with LED headlights.

Official data show that the wheelbase of HYCAN 007 is 2900mm, the relative long wheelbase makes the new car more comfortable in the layout of the interior space. However, the in-car experience has not yet been opened for test, the specific space performance will be tested for everyone in the future.

In details, HYCAN 007’s rims also use the “7” style, the black and blue two-tone design is more low-key compared to the concept car’s bright color design, the side skirt chrome trim decoration is also simpler than the concept version. HYCAN 007 uses a cage body frame structure, the battery pack shell is made of high-strength all-aluminum alloy, the body is matched with a large number of high-strength steel. In addition, a nearly all-black roof made up of a panoramic sunroof meets the preferences of young people. At the same time, the rear spoiler uses the same color design as the roof to meet the aerodynamic requirements while enhancing the sense of sport.

At the rear, the large-angled D-pillar makes the tail look more dynamic. The T-shaped tail light has a very high degree of recognition, and from the side view, there is also a “7” element in it. Similarly, the car also uses LED light sources in the tail lights.

In the interior, the most noticeable part in the car is the “7”-style triple screen design, which reflects its driver-oriented design philosophy. In addition to the front LCD display, navigation, multimedia, and Bluetooth phones can be displayed simultaneously. The screen below the central control is the operation control area, which contains various controls such as air conditioning, seat heating, ventilation, and vehicle functions.

In addition, an angle of 150.48 ° is adopted between the two screens of the central control, which is ergonomically designed. HYCAN 007 also features Little “CAN” AI intelligent interaction system. In terms of configuration, the new car adopts a life guard system, which has functions such as detecting vital signs, rear childcare, fatigue detection, and emergency calling. In terms of intelligent configuration, the new car is equipped with an L2 advanced driving assistance system.

In terms of power, HYCAN 007 is equipped with a NCM811 battery pack with a battery capacity of 93kWh and a range of 399miles (643km) under NEDC condition. In addition, the new car can also achieve external discharge, V2V (car and car charging) and V2L (providing 220V power).

About GAC-NIO and HYCAN joint venture brand

GAC-NIO Ownership Structure

GAC-NIO New Energy Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2018 with a registered capital of 500 million yuan. It is jointly held by GAC Group, GAC New Energy, NIO Fund, NIO Automobile and the founding team. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, sales and service of pure electric vehicles, and will carry out comprehensive cooperation in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, including the research and development of new energy vehicles, sales services, leasing operations, and connected and autonomous driving.

GAC-NIO’s R & D center is located in Nansha District, Guangzhou City, it includes 10 departments including vehicle integration, styling, EIC, body, interior and exterior decoration, manufacturing engineering, and intelligent networking. The production of HYCAN 007 is produced at the GAC New Energy Plant. In May 2019, GAC-NIO released its new brand HYCAN, and its first concept car was also officially released.


As a pure electric mid-size SUV, HYCAN 007 has not too many competitors. Most of the Chinese brands pure electric vehicles are sedans or compact SUVs. Mid-size SUVs are nothing more than BYD Tang EV, GAC Aion LX and AIWAYS U5. In contrast, HYCAN 007 can be favored by those consumers who have individuality with its rich technical configuration and unique appearance design.