BYD’s Flagship SUV, the Pure Electric BYD Tang To Debut in US Auto Show


According to BYD Auto’s official tweet, the BYD Auto will make the debut for its flagship electric SUV, the BYD Tang EV, in US market at Pebble Beach Auto Show, the event will start from Aug. 15 – 17, BYD will also provide test drive for American consumers.

Up to now, BYD has begun to sell electric commercial buses in the US market, but it has not yet sold any passenger vehicles in the US market.

be unveiled for the first time in the US market, and will provide test drive at the Pebble Beach Auto Show on August 15-17. Up to now, BYD has begun to sell electric commercial buses in the US market, and has not sold civilian-grade vehicles in the US market. However, foreign media speculated that the appearance of the Tang EV will test the US consumer’s goodwill for BYD products.

We speculate that this auto show is a test for BYD to promote its products into the US market.

According to previous reports, BYD’s North American business is mainly concentrated on electric buses. LA Metro, one of the largest bus operators in the United States, once purchased 60 pure electric buses from BYD, this is also the single largest pure electric bus order in American history.

Earlier, netizens broke the news that they saw the second-gen BYD Tang in the United States. This second-gen BYD Tang has already hanged the California DST license plate, this license plate is specially distributed to the car sales company, which is specially used for the new car test drive. It can be seen that BYD has long planned to promote its private electric vehicles in the US or international markets.

BYD is a Chinese car brand based in Shenzhen, China. It mainly sells private cars in Chinese market instead of buses in overseas market. BYD’s lineup covers a very comprehensive range, from small to large size vehicle, from sedan to SUV. In recent years, BYD has gradually switched from traditional fuel car products to electric cars. BYD is now the NO.1 in Chinese electric car market.

BYD’s vehicle once competed for price, started by ripping off Toyota Corolla, but regardless of the poor quality, the design is considered ugly by the general public. However, it carried out a drastic update to its products after the former Audi design director jointed to BYD in 2016, and then, the appearance of BYD’s vehicle got fabulous changes after they put up the so-called “dragon face” design style, such as the compact SUV BYD SONG, the sedan BYD QIN, and the mid-size SUV BYD TANG, which will be exhibited in the United States, all of them are upgraded to the new face, coupling with BYD’s long-term accumulation in the field of electric vehicles, whether it is BYD Tang, BYD Song or BYD Qin, the sales in Chinese market are very impressive. BYD is a very enterprising brand in China.

BYD is also an alternative in the Chinese market. BYD is the only manufacturer in China that uses the Chinese characters as its badge. At present, BYD Tang (Chinese:唐), Song(宋), Yuan(元) or Qin(秦), sold in the Chinese market, are used Chinese characters as the badges. Chinese characters are not only used as car badges, but also put on many function buttons in BYD vehicle’s interior.

BYD Tang offers three variants in China, the fuel version, PHEV and pure electric version. According to BYD’s official twitter, BYD Tang EV will be the one debuted in US at this show, BYD Tang EV also provides different variants, such as BYD Tang EV600D and BYD TANG EV600, the main difference is that the EV600 is two-wheel drive, the range is 323miles(520km), the EV600D is a four-wheel drive version, and offers seven seats, the range is 310miles(500km) which is slightly less than Tang EV600, price changes according to different trim levels.

Driving Mode 2WD 4WD
Range 323miles(520km) 310miles(500km)
Max. Power (kW) 180 360
Max. Torque (N.m) 330 330
Battery Capacity (kwh) 83 83
Seat Layout 5-seater 5/7-seater
Body size (mm) 4870x1950x1725 4870x1950x1725
Wheelbase (mm) 2820 2820
0-100km Acceleration Time 8.5S 4.4-4.6S
Price Range after Subsidy 259,900 – 279,900 yuan (~US$36,790 – US$39,621)309,900 – 409,900 yuan (~US$43,868 – US$)