GAC New Energy Launched AION LX, The 2nd Pure EV, NEDC Range 403miles


On August 29th, GAC New Energy Aion LX officially launched pre-sales. The pre-sale price of the two-wheel drive model start at 250,000 yuan (US$34,951), and four-wheel drive model starts at 300,000 yuan (~US$41,941). Aion LX is the second EV of GAC New Energy’s AION lineup, it is positioned in five mid-size SUV and features AION family design language. According to the information released by official, Aion LX will be delivered in October 2019.

GAC New Energy Launched AION LX,  The 2nd Pure EV, NEDC Range 403miles
GAC New Energy Launched AION LX,  The 2nd Pure EV, NEDC Range 403miles
GAC New Energy Launched AION LX,  The 2nd Pure EV, NEDC Range 403miles
GAC New Energy Launched AION LX,  The 2nd Pure EV, NEDC Range 403miles

In terms of appearance, AION LX continues the AIONn family design language, the front face is particularly sharp and fierce, the design of the headlights is similar to that of the Aion S, the outer lines are pulled widely to create more ethereal feel.

The Aion LX has a body size of 4786/1935/1685mm and a wheelbase of 2920mm. The side shape of the new car is simple, the waist line extends from the upper side of the front wheel arch to the tail light, the floating roof design makes the side of EV look dynamic and powerful.

The design of the rear end is more round and solid than the front, the tail light features bar-style design, the three-dimensional interior design is exquisite, the lighting effect is also very good.

GAC New Energy Launched AION LX,  The 2nd Pure EV, NEDC Range 403miles

The interior of AION LX is wrapped in a large area of leather material, the overall design has a strong sense of luxury. The center console area is designed to be smooth and layered, the twin 12.3inch LCD instrument and the central control panel are connected by a curved screen, which adds a strong sense of technology to the interior. In addition, the new car’s knob-gear will be automatically lifted, it will rise and fall as the vehicle starts on / off, which is very ceremonial.

For the first time, Aion LX has achieved range of 403 miles(650 km) in NEDC’s comprehensive condition, the range is very exaggerated (comparing to the range 325miles on Tesla MODEL X long range version), it is also exceeded many fuel vehicles, this range should be the NO.1 in electric vehicle worldwide market.

Aion LX uses the GEP 2.0 pure electric platform, which is able to carry a 93kwh large capacity battery pack. The deep integrated 3-in-1 electric drive system delivers peak power of 300kw (402hp) and maximum torque of 700N.m.

With the powerful electric drive system, the Aion LX also features a high-strength steel-aluminum body structure with counterweight ratio 50:50. Finally, the Aion LX four-wheel drive version achieved 0-100 km/h acceleration time in 3.9 seconds.

For the first time, Aion LX adopts the Ethernet vehicle architecture supporting 5G technology, and is the first to carry the ASIGO ecosystem of GAC’s latest intelligent technology achievements. The system includes ADiGO Autopilot System 3.0 and ADiGO Intelligent IoT System 3.0, the world’s first L3 autonomous driving, features Mobileye Q4 camera + high-precision radar, it can accurately identify the rear and side of the vehicle, and ensure the driving in all weather conditions.

Aion LX can actively avoid obstacles and achieve unmanned driving and unmanned parking functions

In terms of power, AION LX will be powered by different power systems depending on trim level. The AION LX 60 and 70 models will feature two-wheel drive with max. power 135kW (181hp), the AION LX 80 model will adopt two-wheel drive with max. power of 150kW (201hp), and 80D model is four-wheel drive with max. power of 300kW (402hp), the NEDC comprehensive cruising range is 312miles(503km) / 323miles(520km) / 402miles(650km) / 372miles(600km) respectively. In terms of chassis, it features front McPherson independent suspension and the rear multi-link independent suspension.

In terms of battery and range, the AION LX 60 two-wheel drive version adopts the NCM523 ratio of the FARASIS soft battery pack, the battery capacity is 70kWh, the comprehensive cruising range is 503km; the two-wheel drive 70 version can do comprehensive cruising range of 520km, and the battery capacity is unknown; The 80 version of the model adopts the NCM811 battery pack from CATL, the battery capacity is 93kWh, the battery pack density reaches 180Wh/kg, and the comprehensive battery range reaches 650km; the four-wheel drive version have a comprehensive battery range of 600km, and the battery is consistent with the 80 version. We will continue to pay attention to more information about new cars.