AIWAYS U5 Pre-sale Kicked off At 2019 Chengdu Motor Show, Price Starts At 197,900 yuan after Subsidy


At the opening day of 2019 Chengdu Motor Show on September 5, another Chinese EV startup, AIWAYS U5 officially opened pre-sales, it offers 3 variants including U5 ING+, U5 PRO and U5 PRO+. The pre-sale prices were 247,900 yuan, 279,900 yuan and 301,100 yuan respectively. The pre-sale price range after subsidies is 197,900 to 301,100 yuan (~US$27,821 – US$42,330). The first two models have a cruising range of 312miles(503km). The U5 PRO+ is equipped with Extended B pack, with an additional 75miles(120km) and a total range of 387miles(623km), which is the biggest highlight.

AIWAYS U5 is positioned as a pure electric mid-size SUV, the new car will be equipped with a power battery with a maximum capacity of 63KWH, the energy density of the battery pack is about 170Wh/kg, under NEDC cycle conditions, the maximum cruising range of the vehicle can reach 503 kilometers.

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In addition, the owner can also choose a battery pack that is mounted on the floor storage space under the trunk. Officially known as the AI energy battery pack, it can provide an additional 120 kilometers of cruising range. That is, the maximum range of vehicles with optional battery packs can reach 623 kilometers.

In the interior, the U5 features the popular design such as LCD instrument, wide and large-size central control panel, and the popular elements such as the sports steering wheel and knob shifting mechanism are not absent.

In terms of power, AIWAYS U5 is a front-wheel drive. According to the official, the maximum power of the motor is 140kW(187hp) and the peak torque is 315N·m, matching a fixed gear ratio gearbox.

In terms of configuration, AIWAYS U5 is features an intelligent cabin with L2 level intelligent driving and immersive scene engine smart cockpit, it has functions such as automatic road queuing for congestion, high-speed automatic assisted driving, and automatic parking for all scenes. In addition, the new car will also be equipped with AI-ID face recognition, which can accurately understand passenger movements, sights, expressions, status and needs, and provide a more humane service experience.