Enovate Motors Debuted Its Concept All-Electric Coupe – Enovate ME-S on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show


At 2019 Shanghai International Auto Show, the new force of China vehicle maker – Enovate Motors debuted a new concept car, Enovate ME-S, it is an all-electric coupe. Although it is a concept car, we can see the development direction of the products of Enovate brand from it. The new car adopts fastback design, it looks very dynamic and sporty. The appearance of Enovate ME-S concept inherited the latest Enovate family-style design language, it has rear-hinged doors, which is very characteristic. The interior design is simple, full of technology and uses three large LCD screens.

The headlights of Enovate ME-S concept car use the its family design language, the LED daytime running lights going through the front face have a certain brand recognition. In addition, the huge rim shape and the overall rear cockpit layout make the new car look sporty. In addition, the tail LED light strip echoes the front face, the visual effect is good.

The shape of the taillights is relatively flat, the elements of the through-type LED lights are added to the top. The Enovate brand badge is embedded in it to create a very good visual effect. In addition, the roof and waist line are drawn with a smooth curve, which shows its slip-back body design. General say, Enovate ME-S concept car is full of power.

For the interior, Enovate ME-S concept car is equipped with a floating large size LCD screen that runs through the center of the steering wheel, which is very technical. The car uses a 2+2 seat layout, which provides a more comfortable seating space. Power information is not yet unveiled, we will continue to pay attention.