Enovate Motors Released ME7 Interior, a Pure EV with range of 310miles

Enovate Motors Released ME7 Interior

According to the official images, interior of Enovate ME7 looks dramatic with hi-tech, many large-size LCD screens are particularly eye-catching. The central control area uses three-screen-integrated design, the three screens display meter information, navigation information and infotainment features; the rear row is also equipped with two separate screens at the back of front seats to meet the entertainment needs of the rear passengers. It is reported that Enovate ME7 can connect 4 mobile terminals at the same time, and five screens can realize information sharing.

Center console of Enovate ME7 uses the current popular embracing design with ambient lights on the edges. The seat is made of Nappa leather with good texture and feel.

Enovate ME7 prototype has been debuted on Guangzhou Auto Show in November 2018. Enovate ME7 is the first high-end SUV pure electric SUV launched by Ex DearCC Auto (Now it changed its name to ENOVATE MOTOROS).

The front grille adopts the closed design. The LED daytime running light goes through from left to right, which enhances the visual tension and makes the front face become fashionable. The U-shaped strip with the front grille can also customize the color when lighting.

The shape of the tail is full and the lines are smooth. The design of the taillights is exceptionally chic: the taillights and badge are hidden in blacken lower layer. The streamlined body also makes the new car aerodynamically, according to official claims that its drag coefficient is only 0.28Cd. In terms of body size, Enovate ME7 measures 4655/1963/1640mm and wheelbase of 2,825mm, of which the width is much higher than the average level of the same class SUV.

Enovate ME7 will be equipped with a face recognition system to set a personalized cockpit status for each user. In addition, a wide range of hi-tech features are equipped on Enovate ME7 such as panoramic image, automatic parking, traffic congestion assistance, adaptive cruise, AEB(emergency braking with pedestrian recognition), lane keeping, automatic switching of far and near light, forward collision warning, lane offset warning, blind spot monitoring.

Enovate ME7 is powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor, which can provide 170kW (231PS) power and maximum torque of 330N·m. The high-performance four-wheel drive system has a combined maximum power of 320kW (435PS), a combined peak torque of 640N·m, 0-100km/h acceleration time recorded in 4.9s. The power battery is a lithium battery pack with energy density of 160 kW/kg. The cruising range is 310miles(500km) under NEDC conditions, the maximum cruising range is 434miles(700km) under 60km/h constant speed – anyway it doesn’t make too much sense for the so-called “60 km/h constant speed”.

Enovate ME7 was designed by Hakan Saracoglu, Vice President of Brand Design of ENOVATE MOTORS. Hakan Saracoglu has worked for Porsche for more than 15 years. He has designed classic luxury models such as the 918 Spyder.

About Enovate Motors and Dear CC Auto

ENOVATE MOTORS was originally called DearCC Automobile (Chinese say:电咖汽车,DianKa). DearCC is an Chinease innovative new energy auto enterprise with Internet ideal.

Team members of ENOVATE MOTORS are gathered by elites from Volkswagen, Porsche, General Motors, Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover and other leading car companies. The core members have more than 20 years of industry experience.

Established in 2015, DearCC Auto is an innovative new energy vehicle that integrates R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of pure electric vehicles.

Not long ago, DearCC Auto changed its name to ENOVATE MOTORS. In addition, ENOVATE MOTORS official said that it is nearing completion of Series A financing, ENOVATE MOTORS current valuation has exceeded 1.85 billion US dollars.

DearCC EV10-Pro300

Enovate ME7 is the first production model of ENOVATE Motors. The former DearCC Auto also launched a pure electric A0-class car named EV10. The current EV10 is the Pro300 version with range of 158miles (255km) in comprehensive working conditions, it also claimed a max. range of 198miles(320km). The price of EV10 covers from 58,800-67,800RMB (USD8,910 – 10,100).

ENOVATE MOTORS’s Smart Factory is currently under construction to prepare for the mass production of its first production model ENOVATE ME7, it is located in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province China.

“As a user-defined company, our goal is to create a high-end smart travel terminal for the future. We hope to have a deep insight into the needs of users, with ‘strength + innovation’, manufacturing plus service, hardware plus software, speed plus quality, with ‘ interesting products ‘, ‘products + services, open up the ‘online + offline’ value chain, Building a service ecosystem for full-scale scenarios of user travel. Make the ENOVATE brand a high-end travel technology explorer to explore the beauty of mobile travel with users. “

Dr. Zhang Hailiang, CEO of Enovate Motors, interpreted the vision of the ENOVATE brand at the press conference.