Enovate Motors to Debut a New Concept Coupe on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show


Enovate Motors announced that a new concept coupe will make its world debut on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. It is reported that this concept car will be mass-produced in the near future. Zhang Hailiang, chairman and CEO of Enovate Motors, revealed that “This model illustrates Enovate’s exploration of forward-looking technologies such as new energy, new materials, and new communications. “

Only two preview images are unveiled from Enovate official. It is understood that the Enovate concept coupe was led by Hakan, Vice President of Enovate Design Dept.. He worked for Porsche in Germany for 15 years and was involved in the design of classic models such as the 918 Spyder and 911 GT2 RS.

The Enovate concept coupe will adopt higher energy-intensive battery technology, which will bring more possibilities for power performance, it will create a close-to-nature luxury space with a series of new materials technology, the Enovate concept coupe will apply “wisdom” to new communication technologies, enabling higher levels of intelligent driving.