SAIC MAXUS Released MAXUS T70 Pickup on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Powered by SAIC π Diesel Engine


At the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, SAIC MAXUS brought the T70 pickup truck model. The overall design is close to MAXUS T60. However, compared with MAXUS T60, the biggest difference between the two pickups is the new power system: SAIC π diesel engine. The engine makes the T70 as Chinese “Raptor” , it will is an ultra-performance pickup truck.

In terms of appearance, MAXUS T70 pickup looks like the T60 as a whole. the MAXUS badge embed in the central of the grille. The whole system comes standard with lens headlights and LED daytime running lights, while the prominent black front bumper is extremely tough. The body side looks like an uncompromising pickup.

In terms of power, MAXUS T70 is powered with “SAIC π” series high-performance diesel engine. The engine has a displacement of 2.0-Liter. There are currently two versions, one is single turbocharger system and the other one is dual. The power and torque output of the engine are also different. The maximum power of SAIC π single/double turbocharged engines is 120kW (160HP) and 160kW (214HP) respectively, and the maximum torque is 375Nm and 480Nm respectively. The emission level has reached the China-VI-b(CN-6b) standard.

As the first pickup developed by SAIC for the global market, SAIC MAXUS T60 has a full range of performance advantages, not only ranked in the top 4 in China pickup market in just 14 months, but also total sales exceeded 10,000 units after only 16 months of overseas listing, it became the hot model in Australia, New Zealand and other countries. After the launch of SAIC MAXUS T70, it will further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of MAXUS pickup trucks to better serve the global consumers.