SAIC-MAXUS Released MAXUS G20 At 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Price Range 179,800 – 289,800 yuan


SAIC MAXUS announced the price range of its MPV model MAXUS G20 at 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, price starts at 179,800 end 289,800 yuan (~US$26,395 – US$42,544 ), MAXUS G20 is the replacement model of MAXUS G10 which is positioned in a luxury MPV. G20 adopts design style similar to MAXUS G50. The interior has a brand-new design, technical configuration has been greatly upgraded compared to outgoing MAXUS G10.

MAXUS G20 has a large-sized air intake grille, and the interior is composed of horizontal strips. The area is larger than MAXUS G10, the new style LED headlights is sharp in shape. the visual effect is quite scientific.

The side design of the vehicle is similar to that of MAXUS G10. The rounded side window profile, the hidden side door slide at the bottom of the C/D pillar window frame, the blackened D-pillar and the waistline are all in line with the outgoing G10 model. At the tail, MAXUS G20 has also been replaced with a new style of LED taillights, and the double semi-circular LED strips create a very good texture.

The tire sizes of MAXUS G20 and MAXUS G10 are both the same: 225/55R18, but the hub style of MAXUS G20 is more technical. The overall vehicle size is 5198mm/1980mm/1928mm and wheelbase is 3198mm.

The interior style of MAXUS G20 is luxurious and exquisite. The center console is equipped with a floating display. It also has LCD meter and one-button start. As a reference for the power, the current MAXUS G10 provides a total of three powers of 2.0T/2.4L gasoline engine and 1.9T diesel engine. The maximum power is 220HP, 141HP and 147HP respectively. The transmission system is matched with 5-speed manual (2.4L). 6-speed manual (1.9T/2.0T) and 6-speed manual transmission (1.9T/2.0T).


SAIC Motor owes many large subsidiaries and famous vehicle brands
SAIC Motor is a giant in Chinese automobile industry, it is one of the largest automakers in China. SAIC Motor ‘s business covers the production and sales of almost all types of vehicles, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, etc., such as SAIC Volkswagen, SAIC-GM, SGMW, MG, SAIC MAXUS is also one of the member.

As one of the most powerful commercial vehicle brands in Europe, MAXUS not only has accumulated nearly 100 years of experience in commercial vehicle development, but also accumulated a strong technical foundation, it is also leading the international commercial vehicle market with continuous innovation and development. It is known throughout the world, it is also known as the international legendary commercial vehicle brand.

In 2009, the world’s top 500 companies, China’s largest automaker, SAIC Motor acquired the British commercial vehicle company, introduced MAXUS brand intellectual property and technology platform to China and naming it “上汽大通”.

With its long-term cooperation with many famous auto manufacturers in the world, and the successful experience of high-end brands such as Roewe and MG, SAIC Motor has planned the global market development strategy of commercial vehicles with MAXUS brand.