Leapmotor’s Pure Electric Microcar Exposed, Internal Code T03


Recently, Leapmotor’s patent model images of the internal model code T03 was exposed, and the new car was positioned as a micro-electric vehicle. It will mainly sell to the time-sharing and online car-hailing market after the listing in 2020. According to the news released by Leapmotor, the new car’s range can reach 186miles(300km), the top speed is 120km/h.

The design of the headlights and the front face is relatively simple. It is expected that the charging port to be deployed below the front badge, we can also see the inductive probe for the driving assistance system at the front bumper. From the side view, you can feel that the size of the body is not large, and the size of the rim is small. A large proportion of the window must also be designed for practicality. The T03 rear end has the same brand logo as the Leapmotor S01, the taillight shape is a very simple polygonal design.

From the top view, Leapmotor T03 will have a large size roof. It is reported that the new car will be equipped with Leapmotor’s cloud system and intelligent ADAS function. According to the previous information announced by Leapmotor, the new car will be equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor on the front axle, and the cruising range can reach 186miles(300km). In addition, it is expected that main market of Leapmotor T03 will be China’s time-sharing lease and online car-hailing after listing in 2020, as well as young people, third- and fourth-tier cities users.