Hozon’s 2nd EV, Nezha U official launched in Chinese market with price started at 139,800 yuan


On March 21, 2020, Nezha U, a Chinese EV startup, Hozon Auto’s 2nd EV, was officially listed. The new car is positioned as a compact pure electric SUV with a price range of 139,900 to 198,800 yuan (~US$19,718 – US$28,019) after subsidy in the Chinese market. Nezha U has launched a total of 6 models, with two NEDC mileage versions of 400km / 500km.

Nezha U is Hozon’s second production model after Nazha N01, it was once named Hozon U. The new car was unveiled as early as March 2019, and pre-sale has been launched during the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. Nezha N01 is positioned as an entry-level compact SUV, while it has entered the mainstream compact SUV. In addition to the mainstream performance of 500km, it is believed that the “transparent A-pillar”, S-EDS “three-in-one” high-performance integrated bridge and other equipment can also enhance the competitiveness of this new car.

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Nezha U uses a new design language, and the closed front grille is also equipped with interactive breathing lights to indicate the vehicle status. Although many models currently use a penetrating light strip design, Nezha U also incorporates a LOGO shape in the middle of the light strip, which is extremely recognizable. In addition, the headlights are irregularly shaped, and the interior is also equipped with a “T” shaped light strip.

The new car measures 4530/1860 / 1628mm long and has a wheelbase of 2770mm. The side of the car uses a high-rise design with a strong sense of power. The front low and high back also create a muscle-like sense of power, and the two-tone design of the roof and body highlights the youthful atmosphere. All in all, the side of Nezha U is still striving to create a dynamic visual atmosphere while ensuring a certain sense of stability.

Compared to the front face, the rear end of the new car is more conservative. The rear of the car is designed with multiple straight horizontal lines, stretching the visual width and creating a strong sense of hierarchy. In addition, the new car’s taillights still sample the design of through-type taillights in line with the trend.

The interior styling of Nezha U is not exaggerated, but the creation of a sense of science and technology is in place. The new car adopts a continuous screen design with LCD instrument and central control screen, and will be equipped with a physical voice assistant. A large number of horizontal lines can also bring a good sense of extension to the occupants. It is worth mentioning that Nezha U also installed an OLED flexible screen in the A-pillar of the car, combined with an external camera and software algorithms to achieve a “transparent A-pillar”, thereby solving the problem of blindness of the A-pillar vision.

In the configuration section, Nezha models are equipped with active safety configurations such as parallel assistance, road traffic identification, and active braking, as well as driving assistance configurations such as full-speed adaptive cruise and automatic parking. What we call the “transparent A-pillar” is equipped on top model, and this configuration can be optional for other models. In addition, Nezha U will also be equipped with a vital sign monitoring system that prevents children or pets from being locked up in the car by monitoring carbon dioxide concentration.

The new car will be equipped with the S-EDS “three-in-one” high-performance integrated electric bridge, which is jointly created with SAIC Transmission. This system will deeply integrate three-in-one motors, reducers and controllers. According to the official introduction, compared with similar products in the industry, its weight is reduced by about 10kg and its volume is reduced by about 20%. Efficiency can be improved by about 10%.

In the parameter part, Nezha U 400 version has a maximum power of 120kW and a peak torque of 210N · m. The other 5 models are equipped with a maximum power of 150kW and a peak torque of 310N · m. In terms of battery life, in addition to the 400-series NEDC cruising range of 400 km, the 520-type NEDC cruising range has reached 500 km.