NETA GT Will be a Cost-Effective Electric Sports Car From China


On April 4, 2023, Hozon Auto unveiled its first sports car NETA GT. The new car is a two-door four-seater electric sports car. The appearance design and power are naturally the top priority. First of all, Neta GT features a two-door four-seater layout. The flat and slender front and the compact shape of the large slip-back make people know it is a sports car at a glance.

At present, Hozon has not yet announced the price of NETA GT, according to the consistent pricing idea, the price of Neta GT may be second only to Hozon’s current flagship model Neta S pure electric version (starting price of 248,800 yuan). Combined with previous news, the new car will be delivered in the first half of 2023.


The front face of NETA GT adopts a rather special design language. The left and right sides of the sharp nose are decorated with slender headlights and huge fog light areas. The flat lower grille also has a curved shape, and with the additional black front lip, it looks sporty and recognizable, a vertical black decoration is also added to the front cover

On the side of the body, the new car has quite standard small sports car lines as mentioned above, quite streamlined in outline, flat front, slip-back roof, central driving position, enchanting waistline, large-size wheels, the red brake calipers and other details are not absent. Body size 4,715 × 1,979 × 1,415 mm,and wheelbase of 2,770 mm.

In the rear part of the car, the taillights of the new car have a relatively simple design. The thick red light strip wraps the white turn signal light. There is a decorative strip in the center, and they are sunken inward together, sandwiching the small raised rear wing and the tail box. It is still the way to open like a sedan, which is a bit of a pity for a sports car, and the rear bumper has red ring-shaped details corresponding to the top, which further enhances the sense of hierarchy and design.

In the interior part, NETA GT has evolved on the basis of the Neta S interior. The huge floating LCD screen of the central control has not changed, and the instrument panel LCD screen still has a good display effect, but the entertainment screen has been canceled on the passenger side, showing a more sporty positioning. On this basis, there are also large-area carbon fiber texture decorations, contrasting color interiors, thick upper and lower double flat-bottomed three-spoke steering wheels, details such as red stitching craftsmanship that can be seen everywhere, and metal accelerator pedals. Elements such as punch-hole suede-covered one-piece sports seats are enough to stimulate the driver’s motor nerves.


In terms of power, Neta GT is an pure electric vehicle. It will be offered by both single motor and dual motor versions. Among them, the maximum motor power of the single-motor version is 170 kW, and the peak torque is 310 Nm; the maximum power of dual-motor version is 170 kW, which can achieve 3.7 seconds from 0-100km/h. From the perspective of parameters, the power performance of Neta GT is actually not outstanding, especially the performance parameters of the single-motor version are not even as good as the high-power third-generation EA888 2.0T engine.

In terms of battery range, the new car will launch 560km and 580km battery range versions in the early stage, and 660km battery range will be available in the future.

More choices of Chinese sports cars

In fact, in addition to the Neta GT, there are also new energy sports cars such as Qiantu K50 and Leapmotor S01 on the Chinese market. However, the market and products were not mature at that time. Apart from attracting heated discussions among consumers, the models did not achieve outstanding market results. With the rapid development of Chinese EV makers, sports car models are becoming more and more mature. In addition to the cost-effective Neta GT, the new high-end brand Hyber launched by GAC AION has brought top pure electric supercars such as Hyper SSR.


Hyper SSR not only has a very aerodynamic design, but in terms of power, the peak torque on the wheels of Hyper SSR has reached an astonishing 12,000 N.m, the combined maximum horsepower can reach 1,225 horsepower, and the acceleration time from 0-100 km/h is only 1.9 seconds. It is more capable than the top fuel supercar Bugatti Veyron Chiron. In terms of price, the pre-sale prices of Hyper SSR are 1.286 million yuan and 1.686 million yuan respectively, which is less than one-tenth of that of Chiron.