NETA V’s Facelift Model Renamed NETA AYA Goes Live on Chinese Market


On August 3, NETA AYA was officially launched. The new car launched a total of 4 models, priced at 73,800 to 88,800 yuan. This new model offers its intelligent driving package as an optional trim, which mainly includes L2 intelligent driving assistance and safety configuration. The new car is actually a facelift of NETA V, with upgraded exterior and interior, and it is positioned as a small SUV.

In terms of appearance, NETA AYA has optimized the front face. Its design inspiration comes from the universe. The front face has newly added star grille, galaxy electroplating trim, and enlarged air intake design. At the same time, ventilation has been added on both sides., adding more sports attributes.

On the side of the body, the new car still has a dynamic waistline design, and the vehicle charging port is located on the front fender of the new car. The wheels of the vehicle have been replaced with a more sporty shape. In addition, in addition to the traditional single-color paint, the new car introduces a design of upper and lower two-tone body.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height are 4070/1690/1540mm, and the wheelbase is 2420mm. The tail has undergone a relatively large change, the taillights have been completely optimized, and the through-type taillight style has been adopted, which has significantly improved the style of the tail, removed too many cumbersome designs, and looks more concise. At the same time, the rear surround has also been replaced with straight lines. The exterior color of the new car is newly added in two colors: half sugar milk tea and baby blue.

In terms of interior, the color matching of the wood grain veneer is mainly optimized, the control buttons for adaptive cruise are newly added on the steering wheel, and the interface of the car system is completely optimized. The MT8675 chip is used for faster speed, and the car karaoke is added. Wireless projection function. The interior design of the entire car is quite simple, and physical buttons are omitted as much as possible. The huge 14.6-inch vertical screen in the center is particularly eye-catching, including multiple apps, and complete audio-visual entertainment. The vehicle seats basically maintain the design of the current model, and the rear seats The storage space can be expanded to 588L after being folded down as a whole.

In terms of configuration, new electronic rearview mirrors, electric heating of exterior rearview mirrors, heated front seats, cruise control, and one-key lifting of four doors are added. The new car is also equipped with L2 level intelligent assisted driving system: including ACC full-speed adaptive cruise, FCW front collision warning, AEB automatic emergency braking, PCW pedestrian collision warning system, HBA intelligent high/low beam, BSD blind spot warning, LCA lane change assist , LKA lane keeping, LDW lane departure warning, TSR traffic sign recognition, TLR traffic signal recognition, TJA traffic jam assist, SGW front car start prompt, DDW fatigue driving reminder, APA automatic parking assist, RPA one-button remote parking.

In terms of power, NETA AYA’s NEDC cruising range is 301km and 401km. The former has a maximum power of 54 horsepower (40 kilowatts) and a maximum torque of 110 Nm; the latter has a maximum power of 95 horsepower (70 kilowatts) and a maximum torque of 150Nm. The whole system is equipped with DC fast charging as standard, and the power can be charged from 30% to 80% in 30 minutes. The maximum discharge power is 3.3kW, which can be used as a mobile power source for outdoor activities.