Neta X is officially launched with price ranged 126,800 – 146,800 yuan,


On October 18th, Neta X, a compact SUV under Hozon Auto, was officially launched, with a total of four models, priced between 126,800 and 146,800 yuan (~US$17337 – US$20,071). The new EV is built on the Cloud-River (Chinese says “Yunhe”) platform, which is a global mainstream market platform under Hozon Auto, supporting the research and development of A0 to B+ level multi power and multi body forms.

In terms of appearance, the new EV features an all-new front face design, with a closed front grille and split headlight design, greatly improving the recognition of this car. At the same time, a three-section air intake is used below it, combined with sharp ribs on the front “hood”, to give it a good sporty atmosphere. In terms of color matching, the new car will offer six exterior colors: white, gray, brown, pink, blue, and black.

From the side of the car, with the help of a straight segmented waistline and slightly lower window line, the new car’s window area is larger, especially the side window behind the C-pillar. This design makes the new car’s body fuller and has a greater visual effect. Of course, the addition of dual five spoke wheels also makes this car look fashionable.

The rear of the vehicle also adopts a rich line design, combined with the design of through type tail lights, to create a good visual hierarchy. At the same time, a chrome trim strip is added to the rear bumper to enhance the vehicle’s exquisite feel.

In terms of interior, the new car is wrapped in a large amount of soft materials, with a coverage rate of 80%, demonstrating a certain sense of luxury. The interior design is simple, with the steering wheel using scroll buttons. The entire center console has almost no other buttons, only an 8.9-inch full LCD instrument panel and a 15.6-inch square screen. The instrument panel is not large in size and displays basic information. The screen is split screen display, and the bottom is the shortcut button menu bar.

The lower part of the center console is a wireless charging board, and the new car will adopt a bumper design. The pattern of the seats is also quite interesting, with a unique design. The new car still adopts a five-seat layout. In terms of vehicle size, the new car has a length, width, and height of 4619/1860/1628mm, and a wheelbase of 2770mm.

In terms of power, the new EV is driven by a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 120kW. The transmission system is paired with an electric vehicle single speed gearbox with a maximum speed of 150km/h. In terms of range, there are options for 401/501km.