Changan KAICENE F70 Pickup Launched At Chongqing Auto Show, Offers 4 Power Combinations


Changan KAICENE(Kaicheng) new pickup product, KAICENE F70, was officially launched at the just-opened Chongqing Auto Show,. The appearance of KAICENE F70 is tough, the interior style has a good sense of luxury. It is expected to go on sale after September this year.

Changan KAICENE F70 has a very tough front face, the polygon grille is surrounded by a thick black decoration to make it looking wild, the fog lamps on both sides have a good three-dimensional design, which further enriches sports elements of front end, we have reported in our past article:

The interior design of KAICENE F70 is more eye-catching with strong sense of “wildness”, adding more straight and polygonal lines as the design language, the floating central control large screen tilts toward the driver’s side. The color matching uses a black and brown color. In terms of configuration, it will have front collision warning + active braking system, lane departure warning, hill descent control, body stability control system, push-button starter, adaptive cruise, etc. It is expected to have voice control function.

In terms of power, KAICENE F70 offers four engines: DEV D20T diesel engine, Isuzu VM diesel engine, PSA DW12 diesel engine and Mitsubishi 4K22D4T gasoline engine. Consumers can also choose two/four-wheel drive, single/double-row, left/right rudder, rear leaf spring / five-link suspension, manual / automatic gearbox, long/short wheelbase, N1-class light truck / M1-class minibus / electric pickup as free combination.